Awesome! SA and jet is all I needed to see. I hope I still get that airport. read more

All that matters is hard mode, and lots of sword bearing enemies to challenge me. read more

Whoever buys this is stupid! The game racks in more money than any other, so service should be free. read more

quote chautemoc
MurDocINC They have, apparently, or at least significantly improved it. BF3 uses entirely new...
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Well EA marketing is doing it's job right, let's hope Dice is doing it's by fixing the netcode! read more

Only cool thing is the treadmill. The rest is overkill, like that screen, u can do better with 3D VR headset. And... read more

I think there was no ultra cause they cut the high rez textures out to keep download size low. I seen this happen to... read more

Sweet that's my b-day, thank you valve! read more

quote ButchSmudge
Cool, and what's MW3?
It's a tool to milk sheep. read more

Steam discounts and bundles really help. read more

Wait! Micro$oft can't resolve this?
It is almost their game, their best racing game for their system. And they just... read more

Cool, maybe standalone SDK will next to release. read more

quote Ryjeon
M-rated video games are hardly comporable to porn, alcohol, or tobacco. They are more comparable to...
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I bet my gaming pc sucks more juice than all three consoles, But i get 3X the graphics. read more

We should have a "Mega Wedgies Wednesday", get every major nerd you see tomorrow. read more

@ The Darkest Shadow
You almost got it. Mainstream is great for publishers, bad for developers and gamers. Developers... read more

2 million sheep...bbbbaaaahhh...where did that come from?
Oh yea, I signed up. read more

So there's no more jumping? That will be awesome!
Also how fast or slow do you prone, am I going to see stupid prone... read more

I really don't see this selling. The graphics are at par with ps3 and 360. Maybe slightly better but it won't make... read more

This was best thing to come out E3 day 1. Sure there was other great stuff but nothing really new to see.
Btw...the... read more

Well I hope it's not true, I want my free games. ;p read more

PCworld is reporting that Sony got hacked again 1 hour ago. What's up with that?
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Hail to the king baby!
I can't wait to play a bad ass. read more