I was born...Got kidnapped by munchlaxes, the rest is hard to explain...


"Como Estas? Moy Bein, Gracias" Lol, Im a spanish mastar :O

Kerberos- Hes: Rotom, and a bunch of other accounts, all in one! Like, The greatest person of like ALL like of time. Like omg.

Allright. He helped me SO Much with the clan "The Cereal Killers" really boosted it up. He can be REALLY funny. Hes smert, and hes helpful. Enough said lol.

Chaoticx- He can be mean, but most of the time, hes like omg like really like nice. yeah lol. Thats all I got to say. I haven't really gotten to know him all to well.
Also AT_AG

Assasin Thief- OMG he was my freind since the beginning of BallisticBlissey, My old account. We met in the Hunters. The Original lol. Hes the funniest guy on earth, Probably my best neofreind.

PokemonMasterLeroy- LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME PERSON! Helpful, Funny, And Supportive all in one! No more to say! :O

Growlitheking/Prince Of Summoning- Used to be my Neo-Mom. Then I ran away and became her freind lol.

Very funny, Supportive, Creative, Nice, And this list WILL go on forever, I assure you, but yeah. Thats all I can say.


------Story #1--------------------

How A cresselia Evolved into a blissey, Which then evolved into a munchlax.

I first joined neo, as CresseliaYO, searching the Maple Story Forum. I was very noobish, and immature at the time. I was in 1 clan, The Unchosen Destiny, rejected by others.

I made 1 Permanent freind there, Prince Of Summoning.

I then Quit the account, or "evolved" into BallisticBlissey.

BallisticBlissey, Which I'll call BB Was where my Rise Started. I was respected, a little, and joined many of the great clans, Like The Hunters, The Dying Breed, etc.

I got bored, after 1800+ posts, And started my new permanent account, and "evolved" into Munchlax.

Munchlax is the best so far. I'm sorta respected around the Diamond Forum, and love competitive battling. I started a Very Sucessful Clan, The Cereal killers, and Lived Happily Ever After.



Im munchlax, I like pogemon and yeah...Thats it :D


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POOPPPPERRRRS hi lolerinas!

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