Okay so here is a video that got "leaked" out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FW8bOeqLS2g&feature=youtu.be

Mine would have to be Brotherhood. That game was the most fun and had very good story and a lot of stuff to do. Yours? Als

Now I know that there is no release date yet for the new story but I wanted to know what are some of your thoughts and opinio

So obviously as the title says what is your favorite video game that you have ever played? Mine would have to be tied between

Okay so today apparently stuff got "leaked". Here is all the random stuff that was from it. - Returning veterans

The update will still have no heists although it will be adding planes and helicopters to the game and new flight school miss

If anyone would like to give me a gift then please do so(I want to remove all ads from all these pages)

I am just curious to see what you think about religion. Do you guys thinks its a bad thing, do think its a good thing, do you

Not sure if I chose the right tag but anyway what exactly is a breeder? Is it just were you get a lot of eggs or something li

Do you guys believe that Mr.Game and Watch is pretty much deconfirmed as he was in the Pac-Man trailer but yet nothing was sa

SuperSaiyanGod says he is pansexul...yeah right(he is gayy)
What is neoseeker plus monthly and yearly ? And what is a trader account and its add-ons??
SuperSaiyanGod is either a confused girl or a gayy guy.
SuperSaiyanGod is eiusther a confed girl or a gayy guy.
Whoever gets me a Sora licky icon first then I will owe a debt to them.

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