I'm really glad that this is coming out!

Also I thought project diva f 2nd was coming out this... read more

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This conference is really boring. Hopefully they show something mega before they leave. read more

Kinda wish they did'nt show games that have already been shown at other conference. read more

I'm excited for the sony e3 show. Hopefully they show some good games.

Well that sucked. I was hoping for more then them just saying they are working on it. read more

The only thing EA has that I'm interested in is mass effect. Hopefully they show something. read more

About time. I really wanted to play this game every since they first showed it last year. read more

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Well now I'm interested in getting an Xbox when it has games I want come...
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Is this game going to come out for PS4 as well? I tried looking and I can't find an answer. read more

Fairy Tail part 10 needs to hurry up and and get released.

Got the game earlier today. Already played 5 hours today. Really enjoying it. read more

It would be nice if they released some info at the Japan launch. read more

From what I have played the game looks good. Glad I gave this game a chance. read more

I want to know how this will work for games I already own. I don't want to pay for them again. read more