I bought super mairo galaxy when i saw the price. I always wanted to get it but never got around... read more

Can't sign on to psn or live. No big deal though. Just been playing wii u. read more

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likes MetallicaDragon's status update: "Well looks like I'm back. I think It's time for a comeback on here."

I just beat tales of xillia and loved it. I plan on picking up xillia 2 on black friday. read more

So i ordered my wii u Wednesday night and got it this morning. Im surpised on how fast it got here.

At about 43 seconds into the trailer you clearly see someone riding rayquaza. read more

In the trailer they showed for it. It looks like the charcter was wearing a space helmet and... read more

Just bought a Wii U from nintendo for $200. I want to get bayonetta for it.
Started Tales of Xillia. Great game.
Started Tales of Xilla. Great game.

Never played this as a kid. I think I will pick this up when it comes out. read more

Was able to get ahead of my homework for once!

I got mine and already beat it 10 times. I thought there was going to be more to the demo. I was... read more

Well, I went to gamestop today and was able to get the code no problem. Really glad they didn't give me a hard time. read more

Nintendo will give out a code if you call them? If they are doing that why not just make it a WiFi event. read more

Hopefully I can get it no problems. I've read that during the event giving away the heracross and... read more

Started playing infamous: first light. So far its really good.

I bought season one. Just don't have time to watch it yet. Hopefully when classes start I can sit down and watch it. read more