Fairy Tail part 10 needs to hurry up and and get released.
So I just spent the past four hours of my life watching Fairy Tail. Time well spent.
Thinking about watching Game of Thrones soon.
I get my PS4 tomorrow! Really excited
4 Day weekend coming up! Too bad its not after the release of the PS4.
So it's official I'm addicted to Pokemon Y
3 Day weekend!
The convention was really fun. Glad I went!
I can't wait to go to my first anime convention in a couple weeks.
Are you scared to try?
Xbox event in a about 12 hours. Kinda interested in what they will show.
Classes are almost done! Then I have a 3 month break
I knew you were a bad idea but I had to have you any way.
New playstation! Can't wait to see more of it.
New Ipod! (^-^)
New Fionna and Cake monday night! So excited
Almost 6 years on neo! (^_^)
Owns an Adventure time Finn hat. SO HAPPY.

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