Has anyone here picked up any amiibo's? Or have you pre-ordered ones that have not come out yet? I was able to get fo

So i ordered my wii u Wednesday night and got it this morning. Im surpised on how fast it got here.
Just bought a Wii U from nintendo for $200. I want to get bayonetta for it.
Started Tales of Xillia. Great game.
Started Tales of Xilla. Great game.
Was able to get ahead of my homework for once!

So I was able to get one the shiny gengar codes from gamestop today, I went to put the code in and was told I have already re

According to gameinformer if you buy Final Fantasy type-0 HD you will get a voucher to download the demo. Also type-0 HD is c

Started playing infamous: first light. So far its really good.

I'm thinking about picking up an Xbox soon. But, before I pick one up I would like to know how long the HDMI cable and po

I'm excited for the sony e3 show. Hopefully they show some good games.
Fairy Tail part 10 needs to hurry up and and get released.
So I just spent the past four hours of my life watching Fairy Tail. Time well spent.
Thinking about watching Game of Thrones soon.
I get my PS4 tomorrow! Really excited
4 Day weekend coming up! Too bad its not after the release of the PS4.
So it's official I'm addicted to Pokemon Y
3 Day weekend!
The convention was really fun. Glad I went!

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