Mudkip94 shared a forum thread
Dec 18, 14 2:41am

Has anyone here picked up any amiibo's? Or have you pre-ordered ones that have not come out yet? I was able to get fo

Nov 15, 14 12:15pm
So i ordered my wii u Wednesday night and got it this morning. Im surpised on how fast it got here.
Nov 12, 14 11:03pm
Just bought a Wii U from nintendo for $200. I want to get bayonetta for it.
Nov 12, 14 11:02pm
Started Tales of Xillia. Great game.
Nov 6, 14 12:41am
Started Tales of Xilla. Great game.
Oct 21, 14 6:14pm
Was able to get ahead of my homework for once!
Mudkip94 shared a forum thread
Oct 14, 14 7:29pm

So I was able to get one the shiny gengar codes from gamestop today, I went to put the code in and was told I have already re

Mudkip94 shared a forum thread
Sep 17, 14 2:28am

According to gameinformer if you buy Final Fantasy type-0 HD you will get a voucher to download the demo. Also type-0 HD is c

Sep 4, 14 5:03am
Started playing infamous: first light. So far its really good.
Mudkip94 shared a forum thread
Jun 21, 14 5:36pm

I'm thinking about picking up an Xbox soon. But, before I pick one up I would like to know how long the HDMI cable and po

Jun 9, 14 8:15pm
I'm excited for the sony e3 show. Hopefully they show some good games.
Apr 18, 14 6:32pm
Fairy Tail part 10 needs to hurry up and and get released.
Jan 5, 14 12:29am
So I just spent the past four hours of my life watching Fairy Tail. Time well spent.
Dec 7, 13 1:23am
Thinking about watching Game of Thrones soon.
Nov 14, 13 9:17pm
I get my PS4 tomorrow! Really excited
Nov 5, 13 8:26pm
4 Day weekend coming up! Too bad its not after the release of the PS4.
Oct 15, 13 8:13pm
So it's official I'm addicted to Pokemon Y
Oct 11, 13 12:25am
3 Day weekend!
Sep 29, 13 11:30pm
The convention was really fun. Glad I went!

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