ty based pats
Bought two sets of Hozier tickets earlier. perfectestday
Pretty much every scrap of news the past two weeks has been about Garth Brooks. Think I'm gonna shoot myself if this doesn't stop soon. :(
99.9% SuperSaiyanGod is trolling us all.
Good riddance Nidalee.
Is The Last Guardian really done for? Please tell me it's not so.
Not liking the recent changes to the mobile site. :(
Has science gone too far???
I don't like the new Neo where bullies like Star and pokemaniac_Y can run rampant with little to no repercussion.
dodge dip duck dive and doge
Will ya get us a fizzy orange?
this status is canon
Pain is a language all on its own.
Not banned :/
tekmosis isn't particularly awesome
bronze0800 for president
This is going straight up my nose
These obscure references are making me dizzy.
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