Well, my name is Ashley. I obviously like Pokemon... I like a lot of other things, too, including more than I managed to type into my "interests" section.

I use PokeSav--keep it legal, y'know. I DO NOT AND WILL NOT MAKE POKEMON FOR YOU, SO STOP ASKING.

I also will not make sprites or graphics for you unless I offer... I will not help you.

If I want to battle, I'll ask you. If I want to trade or chat, I'll ask you.

I do accept random PMs as long as they're not asking me for anything I listed above (be smart, people).

I do not enjoy talking to people that can't type, so if you're going to approach me, please try to think your sentences, or sad attempt at sentences, through.

I know, I sound mean and horrible... But really, I'm a great fun-loving, cuddly girl once you get to know me better. =^__^=


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