Playing around with friend safari's :)

I have : Slugma, Magmar & Fletchinder FC: 3625-9689-3231 Name: Sassy :_pokeball:

Safari Hunting :)

I have : Slugma, Magmar & Fletchinder (has his hidden ability) FC: 3625-9689-3231 :_pokeball:

Working on completing my pokedex for X...this is tedious
It's been a while Neoseeker. Im a Mommy now :D AND Pokemon X is a thing now xDD
All caught up on trades :)
Cant trade at the moment!!!
Let the massive back trading begin!!!!
Why do I hate to EVtrain my own pokemon but LOVE doing it for everyone else :(
Training up my team, bbl
Otakon...Whos going? Anyone?
Training up a team of Eevee's for Otakon :) <3
Charmander, Umbreon & Jolteon = <3
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