Nov 29, 13 11:54am
Alright I'm back and on AC4. Beat Origins ina day on Hard, I'll 1k it later.
Mrgrimmz shared a forum thread
Nov 21, 13 12:34am

So I recently told my friend that I wanted the up to date _Blue Exorcist_ manga & the Anime for my belated birthday. It l

Nov 21, 13 12:20am
Made a post in anime, looking for a name of an Anime. Check it for me & lemme know if you know the name of it villains name is The Immortal.
Mrgrimmz shared a forum thread
Nov 21, 13 12:19am

Back in 2008 me & my friend were watching a best of youtube anime fight video. (One happened to be my eventually favorite

Mrgrimmz blogged
Nov 21, 13 12:08am

Sorry, I'm back! Had a good 23rd birthday, Got every season of One Piece & Pre-ordered the upcoming ones. Wont be long before we've caught up with the Japenese. Got Fairy Tail Season 1, Soul Eater/Claymore & Death Note Complete Series & up to 35 Volumes of One Piece along with 2 Kekkaishi 3-in-1 volumes. Good shit! Welcome back Mr. Grimm!.
Oct 26, 13 11:47am
Bardock is the Boba Fett of DragonBall Z. The End.
Oct 25, 13 2:00pm
Mrgrimmz blogged
Oct 25, 13 1:37pm

Watching The Omen films; the 1st is a masterpiece; Gregory Peck abolishes Liev Schreiber. I like the 2nd film too due to him accepting being Satan's son & his role; that's the most terrifying sh!t in the world.
Oct 24, 13 4:22pm
Oh, also got my One Piece Season 1 - 7 DVDs, my Sephiroth Masamune Nodachi & my DMC3 Vergil Yamato Blade among other blades.
Oct 24, 13 4:00pm
GTAV happened to me... *Shrug* oh well, next week so will Batman along with Dragon Quest 9 & Shin Budokai 2.
Mrgrimmz blogged
Oct 21, 13 9:36am

So here' the deal: I'm bout to finally play GTA5 over PKMN. I have every pokemon & can trade during break but one person at a time/6pkmn at a time. Then I will have Arkham Origins, ACIV:BF, Tenjho Tenge Vol.1-11 UNCUT to read, Slayers Season 1-3 to watch and One Piece Season 1-7 then up to the arc right before the finale of CP9. So I have my time tied to my wrists.
Oct 21, 13 1:49am
I'm back bitches!
Oct 16, 13 3:54pm
The Yabashiri Sword I just got is too sharp, loooove it. OnePiece RoronoaZoro
Oct 16, 13 10:13am
Listed 2 (technically 6 items) on eBay for sale. mgrimm99 is your goal.
Oct 16, 13 7:53am
Black 2 Version arrived yesterday didnt know till midnight. Beat 4 gym leaders. Let the fun begin ;)
Mrgrimmz blogged
Oct 15, 13 7:50pm

So tired I can't 1. Think of the name of the DirecTv version of TiVo. 2. Am just gonna watch SOA tomorrow on the recorded version. I can't think straight.
Mrgrimmz blogged
Oct 15, 13 4:15pm

We got our 3rd writer for our "Writer Community" Company. JKGB Inc. (Not a indie biz yet but when my disability check comes in; we're goin' in then we're using the publishers that contacted me for more publication along with my friends Phil & Tom.)
Oct 15, 13 3:28pm
Took painkiller for foot & spine pain; tried my Trunks gear on. Gonna wear the "Bojack: Unbound" version of his jacket. Got the hair dye.
Mrgrimmz blogged
Oct 15, 13 3:02pm

Gonna be at my local comic shop's Halloween Party as Future Trunks. Owner told me unless someone pulls a identity theft, I'm gonna win like I did when I dressed as "Skinner Sweet" from American Vampire last time.

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