Jul 1, 16 10:59pm
Shiny Greninja or its lower evolves PLZ. Also im starting a thread on animanga. So lets gittiton
Mrgrimmz shared a link
Jul 1, 16 10:54pm

Im dyin here. Somebody please have 1 for trade. Ill trade legends events shiny events shiny legends lol seriously. If its a s

Jun 28, 16 6:42pm
I forgot I had a neoseeker again. So much prep in my trip got me twisted up. My bad
Jun 11, 16 1:39pm
Purple Haze all in my brain, many things don't seem the same. Actin funny I don't why, scuse me while I kiss the sky.
Jun 7, 16 7:05am
By miss I mean by an hr. By forgot I mean forgot the layout an all. Im already near Yawn replaying. 10 mins.
Jun 7, 16 7:04am
Gettin the ach for re1 remake beatin 3 hrs is tough. missed the 5hr 1 cuz I forgot mansion. aqua ring /plant part/Trevor & Facility r easy.
Mrgrimmz shared a forum thread
Jun 2, 16 11:54pm

The title says it all, I'm willing to trade Shinies, legends, or other megastones for it. If you're the one? Message

Jun 2, 16 9:40pm
Espada Saga only. So; Espada Manga & The Quincy King Manga. Both having my 5th all time fav; Grimmjow Jaggerjack; )
Jun 2, 16 9:40pm
Gows BANKAI (Revealing the girl was his "Spirit"? Shocked me.) So I wont get the series fully. I'll do what I did with the anime.
Jun 2, 16 9:38pm
vol. I've waited for... the return of Grimmjow Jaggerjack... an next? Grimmjow Pantera & Bankai Urahara vs Quincy Villain then... Kenpachi..
Jun 2, 16 9:37pm
Read Black Butler vol8, Terraformars vol.2, HxH Vol.27-29. Alot accomplished. An I got the Bleach *I dislike Bleach but the...
Jun 2, 16 1:01am
Including the event only which are also shiny and doubles! XD HOLLA ATCHA BOY!
Jun 2, 16 1:01am
Got every legendary pokemon out of our current 720. And doubles that are... SHINY!
May 31, 16 12:37pm
Blood Lad vol.1-7. I was hooked by the mid first chapter.
May 30, 16 3:04pm
Ill be posting alot more when my laptop arrives. Cuz posting via phone sucks
May 28, 16 4:34pm
Tokyo Ghoul on Bluray. To-night.
May 28, 16 11:41am
Busy friggin week
May 23, 16 7:30pm
Preach the Gospel of Jesse Custer
May 22, 16 11:01am
Was sick the past few days
May 18, 16 4:15pm
Rewatching Deadpool for the... I cant count. I lost count after 7x at the theaters.

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