Quetzalcoatl Mrblikey
Mar 13, 11 1:53am
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
MeganLuvsU Mrblikey
Jun 20, 09 6:11am
Well, I was reading peoples guestbooks and I was reading Yoshi Egg's and I saw what you wrote. I thought it was sweet and kinda touching, I guess. It just got me thinking and stuff.

Just outta curiousity, were you being serious or sarcastic? You'd be surprised at how many times on neo I thought someone was serioues and they were being sarcastic. D;

So, yeahs... Have a good day.

-Megan <3
Lauzi Mrblikey
Feb 26, 08 5:33pm
I made a new stamp, so I'm signing guestbooks with it!

I could make you a stamp if you want, just tell me your request. But I may not be able to do a trainer for you, but if you ask nicely, I'll see what I can do!
Crystal Creation Mrblikey
Jan 20, 08 8:05pm
Well, firstly, i'm sorry for not signing earlier. I know how keen you were on reaching 3 pages, according to your Guestbook message.
Most people don't bother with Guestbook Signings, which I find rediculous to be honest. If they were so pointless, then why are they there? They have a purpose on neoseeker.
You've been kind enough to sign, so the least I can do is sign back:

Anyways, see you later. PM me sometime if you get the chance.
Take care, have fun, and all of that jazz.
Lauzi Mrblikey
Jan 9, 08 3:42pm
I'm on a winter stamping spree, don't mind me! LOL.


P.S.- Your new stamp is cool!

Lauzi Mrblikey
Nov 8, 07 3:34pm
New stamp!

I'm on a stamping spree, anyway like my stamp?
Cute Chao Mrblikey
Oct 26, 07 10:21pm
Sorry, I kept meaning to sign back, just got heavily side tracked! Thanks for the birthday signing a few days back... in August... It was much appreciated Feel free to pm me whenever although I tend to use msn more now. Last of all FE STAMP!

Hope to see you around,

Lotsa luv,

Cute Chao

Lauzi Mrblikey
Oct 20, 07 5:38pm
Well I thought i'd sign your guest book now we are neofriends, your really good at making TCs by the way, oh I'll stamp your guestbook too!

Hehe.. see you round the pearl forms!
Yoshi Egg Mrblikey
Oct 14, 07 11:17pm

As you can see, Luigi is on the stamp, I also think Luigi's awesome!

~Yoshi Egg~
SleepingNinetails Mrblikey
Aug 29, 07 4:43pm
seen you around the forums, you're a great spriter!

add me to ur friends list!

and... you should, like, totally sign back... mmkay?

Snake100 Mrblikey
Aug 23, 07 5:23pm
...want you to disable it.

I already gave you a Giggle and the Rescue Team stamp, so no stamp today.

Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it! Don't disable it!
Sakuya Mrblikey
Aug 21, 07 7:51pm
I thought I would stop by and sign teh GB for you
No stamp this time because I'm evil
I'll have one another time. See you around the forums
Rotom Mrblikey
Aug 21, 07 12:38am
Cool, you know Josh and Bas also? Some of my greatest friends on Neo =D

Well, your really cool and nice. I hope we can chat more in the future, and Neo should make PM Inbox's Larger

Crystal Creation Mrblikey
Aug 17, 07 8:48pm
...Dunno why, but...Goddamnit! I just can't stop it! >.>
Anyway, this is the last time, since it won't let me sign more than 3 times in a month... >.> Silly Neoseeker!
See you around, perhaps?

Lol, I don't have any stamps left! >.>
Hopefully this more than adequate Fictional Clow Card Spirit will do!
(A screenshot which I took!)

Lotsa Luff!

Hikari Silver Mrblikey
Aug 15, 07 4:01pm

There you go. You gots yourself a stamp!
Crystal Creation Mrblikey
Aug 14, 07 9:05pm
Damn it! Your Guestbook is like an Episode of...an addictive T.V program! I can't stop watching it! And in this case, I can't stop stamping your Guestbook! Damn the 1 month rule!!!!!
Here yoo go. I made it for Guestbooks:

Credit to Infinate Creep, even though I could have easily made one myself. >.>

See ya!
Lotsa luff!

Crystal Creation Mrblikey
Aug 12, 07 11:10pm
...I feel suicidal at the moment. It is REALLY annoying!
T-T (apparently, that's a smiley?)
Ty4Si'nin'! Only right I stamp you back!

Send me a PM sometime. I'm sure I'd Appreciate it! xxx
Besides, you seem cool enough.

Dragoshi1 Mrblikey
Aug 6, 07 4:20am
U r being attacked by ?-?-?!! The newest and the last villain in Pokemon 1/2! only a handful of people r gettin this sneak peek!

dont tell nobody wait,they'll know if they sign your GB :? lol
Snake100 Mrblikey
Jul 31, 07 6:05am

Shoop da whoop!

Bartuca Mrblikey
Jun 2, 07 7:04am
two things, im not tooo new, just i very forgetful... well thanks for signing meh book, heres some links to funny comics after stamp...


Kaiba Mrblikey
May 28, 07 3:52pm
Here is that surprise I promised! A geustbook sign! My geustbook stamp is down at the moment...sorry! I'll stamp you later.

Guestbook Entry
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darkpheonixfire Mrblikey
May 22, 07 1:06pm
You rock, man! Sorry, I have no stamp, sooo...I'm forced to make ya a trainer card in return for the ipod pokemans (lol) you've made me! Please PM me regarding background/pokes/trainer/etc. I have a custom trainer you can use if you want, you can see it in the Make your Own Pokemon League thread its my champ. Have a nice day! -DarkPheonixFire
Aether Mrblikey
May 20, 07 4:09pm
Hi. I Cant Put My Stamp On As Im On My Laptop

So... Just Signing Back

Hope You Do Good In My Shop.

Super Megaman Mrblikey
May 16, 07 1:43am
I didnt know you signed but if you wanna be friends just gimme a Pm and we'll start our friendship from there.

So for now.