Towerofpain MrWonderful
Apr 18, 13 2:26pm
Great seller will buy agin thank you
MU5TANGgt MrWonderful
Apr 12, 13 11:49am
I have now purchased, as well as sold to MrWonderful... Both transactions being equally painless. In this case, the name says it all! Thanks MrWonderful!
MU5TANGgt MrWonderful
Apr 12, 13 11:34am
I have now purchased, as well as sold to MrWonderful... Both transactions being equally painless. In this case, the name says it all! Thanks MrWonderful!
Siyana Talador MrWonderful
Apr 05, 13 7:16pm
Definitely will do business with him again in future. A+++
Axel1988 MrWonderful
Apr 03, 13 6:40pm
smooth transaction and very fast. highly advised
ultradiablo2004 MrWonderful
Mar 23, 13 9:13am
Thanks for successful rob transction
cywong77 MrWonderful
Mar 15, 13 7:47pm
trusted and friendly buyer, very patient and helpful, nice to deal with you. thank you.
Lographel MrWonderful
Mar 14, 13 10:27pm
Safe and extremely fast middleman service. Definitely top notch. Will always use him for middleman in the future.
Funny13ones MrWonderful
Mar 14, 13 7:40pm
Good money fast to buy would be willing to do more buisness
Peeeprs86 MrWonderful
Mar 05, 13 2:31pm
quick reponse very fast trade everything went very smooth
thaos95 MrWonderful
Mar 03, 13 7:39am
Fast and smooth transaction!!! Will buy from again!!
lolo81 MrWonderful
Feb 03, 13 8:16pm
Just completed our deal. I can say that I was very very nervous being a first time seller.. But Mr worked with me and my nerves and was legit. I Strongly recommend working with this guy. =]
Iron Hide776 MrWonderful
Jan 31, 13 11:53pm
Worked with me and stayed up late to make sure everything went through A++
peintre MrWonderful
Jan 31, 13 6:24am
another smooth and fast trade with an awesome seller

polemidagi22 MrWonderful
Jan 26, 13 3:46pm
Great buyer/seller.
sold him hp a while back and everything went really smooth Sorry for the late response
VoT MrWonderful
Jan 22, 13 8:26am
He bought 2k HP from me, so obviously I was taking a big risk. Transactions went smoothly and money in my paypal account. Thanks again man
buck106 MrWonderful
Jan 21, 13 9:06am
did another transaction as spectacular as the first made sure to double check everything and stayed in constant contact
robcardtrader MrWonderful
Jan 18, 13 8:31pm
Transactions are fast and swift! Great seller.
cardmancoll MrWonderful
Jan 16, 13 9:09pm
A+ seller! Transactions are fast and without any problems. As always, I highly recommend him!
buck106 MrWonderful
Jan 15, 13 8:26am
guy took care of everything and even spotted someone trying to dupe
rokea MrWonderful
Jan 12, 13 9:39am
Completed a large transaction with MrWonderful.. great communication, easy to deal with, you can trust this guy!
JA5ON MrWonderful
Jan 12, 13 7:16am
"Good guy!" and great buyer! Quick and easy guy to deal with. Would do business again anytime!
peintre MrWonderful
Jan 09, 13 1:10am
wonderfull seller like his name.

fast transaction i highly recommend.

would deal again with him
cardmancoll MrWonderful
Jan 07, 13 4:20pm
Wonderful seller! Very fast responses and transactions. I highly recommend him!
hollataplaya MrWonderful
Jan 06, 13 2:56pm
Fast seller, kept me informed of the whole process, would highly recommend.