im looking for an acc ranger lvl 20-25,

im looking for an acc ranger lvl 20-25,

if you are interested in joining me pm me please

as i am new to the xbox live world i just wanted to ask do you need an hd cable to play with others in minecraft online ?

_S/F's_ Treecko- adamant Pupitar- sassy Sandile- serious tympole- modest Swinub- sassy Rhyhorn- adamant munchla

recently ive been letting my trades pile up with no cloning so i need someone i know i can trust to clone 30 poke's for m

_S/F'S_ deino- timid cyndiquil- modest latias- timid treecko- timid gastly- timid snivy- timid ducklett- na

i need someone who is trust worthy to help evolve my electabuzz

please help, i have many s/f ill be willing to trade for them

hello i just received this through gts and ive checked it legibility and everything is precise plus its not clone, im really

These are the S/F i have All legit and UT if u have any offers please pm me or leave a message in the thread im really lookin

hello i do 3 vs 3 battles and was wondering if any kind person would help me test it? no ubers straight flat rule battle and

i have 24 poke's to clone yes its alot i know and i dnt expect or someone to want to clone all day so some every once in

so these shinnies are just taking up space sooo im giving them away u may only choose one however as others may also like

as the top says im in search of one for my team i have many s/f and ill be willing to work out a trade

hello, i am in need of the power weight, power belt, power lens, and power band. i hope someone kind can help me but i have a

so i have 2 shiny oshuawatt and 2 shiny tepig i do not need them since i received s/f forms of them so ill be giving them awa

heres my list of s/f ducklett gastly snivy bagon deino trapinch feebas/ milotic panphy elekid cyndiquil growli

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