RoboGamer_500 MrRandomletters
May 17, 09 6:35am
So, KoL? Haven't played that in forever. Jeez. I should probably get back into it.

Anyway, I randomly took a peek and you are significantly lacking in signatures.

I figured you could use some.

But you get what you pay for and I ain't got no money, yet...

So have a random, 60x60 pixel square taken from vintage footage of someone's shirt at the annual, national beard judging championship from several years ago...

What? Why the funny looks?

I AM NOT INSANE!?!?!!!!!!!!!!

segaman MrRandomletters
Jan 06, 08 1:12am
Hey, I'm just runnin' around and signing people's guestbooks. How's it goin'? Have a nice day and enjoy your video games and whatever else you do for fun!

See ya later, buddy!

PS: Hit me back!
D2Killerz MrRandomletters
Jun 07, 07 12:47am
Ai I accept being your friend. Btw here's a random mickey mouse picture I saw since you're mickey mouse in your rp..

king_of_hearts MrRandomletters
Feb 25, 07 5:02pm
i agree! bleach is *bleep*ing awesome! horay for bleach! anyway even though its been i while i just noticed you signed my gb. so i decided to sign back. heres my stamp
LiveslikeBeth MrRandomletters
Dec 26, 06 3:35am
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever you celebrate, have a good one!

Behold my awesome tree!*cough*NOT*cough*xD

Hope you get lots of candy and great presents!^-^
GenesisEX MrRandomletters
Sep 10, 06 9:32am

Just in case you're not that smart, don't take this seriously...
to my rival Jack u will never defeat aros! hahahaha
SpyrosSk8board MrRandomletters
Sep 01, 06 12:07pm
draconic_girl MrRandomletters
Aug 31, 06 6:11am

This one is extra:laugh:
draconic_girl MrRandomletters
Aug 27, 06 7:20am

So how about it, wanna be NeoFriends?

Hope you like the stamp.
Xaldin MrRandomletters
Aug 23, 06 5:34pm
Since were friends, heres a little comic
x marks the spot
Glotnot MrRandomletters
Aug 22, 06 1:24pm
I used all of my stamps on use the last time, so I really don't have anything to stamp with... I do have this fake movie post I made for 8-Bit Theatre though

I would tell you where to read it, but I think that's considered advertising >.>
Just use Google.

Oh! I also have this FMA picture:

dark_angel141 MrRandomletters
Aug 20, 06 10:08am
hey thanks for the gb signing....just signing back. a....can't really think of what to say right now.anyway pm me some time if ya want...see ya around...
lol peace out
ThePerson92 MrRandomletters
Aug 09, 06 10:23am
Hi ive seen ya around and decided to sign sign back K! well see ya sometime dude
king_of_hearts MrRandomletters
Aug 08, 06 6:09pm
thanks for signing my guest book.even though it was just a random line and signing. still.....thanks
GenesisEX MrRandomletters
Aug 07, 06 6:37am
Aaaaaaaaaargh... An evil force is making me sign this guestbook... I... can't... resist...

Must... press... Back... button...

Noooooooooo... not... the... Submit... button...

It's too late...

Fluidity MrRandomletters
Aug 06, 06 5:17pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook. Here's a stamp in return.

Glotnot MrRandomletters
Aug 05, 06 6:15am
Beware, this is what is known as a signback... An evil creature that attacks prey who have signed it's master's guestbook.....

I dunno what that was about, but yeah lol.

Fear my armada of Fullmetal Alchemist stamps

LiveslikeBeth MrRandomletters
Aug 04, 06 6:01am
Hello. You signed my guestbook, so now I'm signing back. Does this meet the requirement of 125 characters? Who knows? Anyway, here's my stamp:

ilovesora1212 MrRandomletters
Aug 03, 06 11:55pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook! Now I'm returning the favor!

draconic_girl MrRandomletters
Aug 03, 06 11:04pm

I thought I'd sign your gb:D
broken_dreams MrRandomletters
Aug 02, 06 6:46pm

hey ! yeah i'll add you to my friends if you add me ! hope to fight you soon k well bye =]
DarkkTrainerr MrRandomletters
Aug 02, 06 1:50am
Hey, we're in the LOD RPG together, so thought I'd sign your GB
Whassup, my random friend! No, really, you're random and on my Neofriends list. Fin an Avatar and request a banner, maybe even a Stamp!