This is for my poems:

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
You need to watch out bitch
Because I'll murder you
I will cut off your arms, legs, and head
Leave you on the floor
You stopped bleeding because your dead
I cut open your torso
Cut out a peice of meat
Fry it up, like it was a steak
Eat it, mmm delicious, but that was my mistake
I should have cleaned up the body first
The feds busted in my house, worse
I had the 7 in the basement
They arrested me and so I made this happen
I had to let the bomb go
It was strapped under my clothes on my chest
I know it was a mistake, but I made this
I needed to see it in action
But the minute I did, I was dead
Explosives blew out my head
I took out 27 feds
With something I made in my shed