Has this been enacted yet because I have Comcast and I'm uploading using BitTorrent. If not when are they planning... read more

Someone should just make a file uploading service... Wait...

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I think this is a really good idea. It probably won't get people who were planning to get a different console to get... read more

Also when they said hundreds of Gigahertz, they meant hundreds of Megahertz... read more

I feel that this is quite innaccurate... read more

We should all go and commit violent acts in rebellion.

Well, this is what happens when you let New Yorkers make laws.... read more

Newspapers are made from recycled papers... let's not make up stuff. read more

As soon as Linux can run games, I think it'll start realy taking over. read more

You'd think they would have just done that to begin with... read more

Roughly the size of a television? What a terrible standard for size.

"Yes my robot is the size of an animal" read more

Wow... I want that kind of power. To be able to sell a crap product that just constantly is a hassle and screws... read more

Wow, what idiot designed that? read more

Yeah, I simply can't see 30% of households in either country having one. It doesn't make sence. Console gaming just... read more

Can I try it? Does anyone know where these ads are? read more

I'm not sure I understand. I'm guessing here but does network neutrality have something to do with the government... read more

Wait a few months, you'll be able to get keygens for free. Microsoft simply can't stop piracy in a cost effective way. read more

Slayer, I think you misunderstand. It costs 13 Mil to make all the solar panels, but the maintiance costs are very... read more

I'd switch to Linux if it could run games. Hell I'd pay for it. read more

Their not lowering the price isn't a good idea. The reason why they're not selling is because they're too expensive.... read more

"Haha, the joke's on you, I'll die before I serve my entire sentence. Take that one!" read more

Doing other math, it seems like a lot, but it only powers about 300 homes. read more

Problem with your math (or rather, probabally a typo). 2.6 mil KWH a year would be 7000KWH a day, not a year. read more

Parole after how many years? That's pretty harsh. Usaually murderers get less time. read more