Shout Out Time
w00t w00t

Lets get started:

D Rob- Best pal since 7th Grade. Showed me the ways of Photoshop as well as Halo 2. I play on XBL with him all the time. Hes a really fun guy. He always has me Lol-ing

Luwiigi- Also one of my best friends. Known him since 7th Grade. He showed me the ways of Neoseeker, and his the leader of the SSBB Crew: E16. Also, a really funny guy and recks in SSBB. He better get a 360!

Kurli- Also a friend from 7th Grade. Never talked to him That much but ive gotten to know him more over the course of me being on Neo. He is a really cool guy, and not to mention lucky. (Got a Free iPod Touch in the Mail)

Your_Savior- Dont know him irl, like the top 3, but he is a really good Graphics artist. We help eachother with alot of stuff, not to mention I convinced him to make a digiport. lol You should really see some of his work if you havent already. He is improving really well.

Slumpy Monkey- Also an amazing Graphics Artist. He "specializes" in large pieces such as Desktop Backgrounds. Hes a great guy, who always gives good advice. Not to mention, all of his stuff is great!

Uchiha Cruz- A fellow E16 Member. Hes a really cool guy. He doesnt spam like the rest of E16 though xD Like most of my friends, hes pretty funny.

Heretic- I talk to him quite a bit. Hes real cool to talk to, not to mention he loves the banner i made him ;)

So thats about it For Now.
If i missed someone, i apologize.
You can PM me if you want a spot in my super-popular Shout-Outs


Check the sig for the portfolio.
If u have a request, feel free to PM me.


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