vanillagigglez Mr Viper
Jan 8, 06 4:52pm

Hi, I'm vanillagigglez and I'm signing your guestbook today because my slave master weatherlover427 / sodadrinker777 ordered me to or else he said he'd send a blizzard of 10 feet of snow to where I live:(
TheLord968 Mr Viper
Feb 20, 05 4:29am

I don't even know if there is a waffle day,
And there probably isn't,
But I feel like going on a spree,
And I need a reason..
Don't I?

My Best Friend and Yours,

bl3nd3r Mr Viper
Feb 12, 05 4:59am

DQ Maniac Mr Viper
Feb 9, 05 7:58pm
Here ya go, have a stamp, a beautiful stamp!

Number 5 Mr Viper
Feb 2, 05 3:40am
I'm just rambling by to inspect your agenda on your guestbook.

Please keep this information Classified.
Drew Gooden Mr Viper
Jan 24, 05 6:46am
I still wanna cyberz wit j00!!1!!! Give me a time and place, I'll definitely be there. =)


DQ Maniac Mr Viper
Oct 29, 04 11:56pm
bl3nd3r Mr Viper
Oct 28, 04 10:38pm
Ffantasy_gamer Mr Viper
Oct 16, 04 12:22am
now sign mine or else Guestbook
chix0r Mr Viper
Oct 15, 04 5:00am
"wait till all the guys on neoseeker hear about this!"

ladies and gentlemen, the girlfriend does exist... i post before you...
Eagle Eye Mr Viper
Oct 9, 04 6:17am
€€ Hey, how's it been going?
I just wanted to know whay forums you post in, I'm around Loungin so thats whee you can find me.
P.S, can you sign back?
See ya!
DQ Maniac Mr Viper
Sep 28, 04 8:08pm
Slacker Mr Viper
Sep 5, 04 1:38am
Dude, I'm *bleep*in pissing my pants over your guestbook stamp... I have that cowbell skit on my computer and I just watched it earlier today, I spit water all over my floor when I saw that in my guestbook... You're the *bleep*in man, I can't believe I ever banned you... That's twice in a day you've made me nearly feck my pants due to laughing.

Anyway, here's a badass pic of The Main Man just for good measure:

Lobo rules.

Nemesii Mr Viper
Sep 2, 04 9:02pm
Well done on graduating . I'm planning on doing a computer science degree tied in with computer games development, or I might go work in McDonalds instead, not sure yet.

You graduate from high school at 17 in America? I'm taking a year out now anyway so I'll be starting when I'm 19 --;.

I've not been on neo properly for a good year and we didn't talk a long time before I left, might see you around or something anyway.. good luck with university ^^.
Marduk Mr Viper
Aug 29, 04 12:11am
Hey there! Just thought I'd stop by and sign your guestbook for no apperent reason. And if you're looking for better check under the sea.

Sign Back
noob N master Mr Viper
Aug 28, 04 11:47pm
You're going to hold that "Weanie doesn't rhyme with 'door'" thing over my head forever aren't you?


I went to the beach because I was really really pale
And I went skinny-dipping with my friend the great white whale
I stayed out too long and oh, I got so sick
And then I got a sunburn on my moby dick

Tec 9 Mr Viper
Aug 24, 04 4:16pm
oh my god, you are into the film business and I aint, man I'm jealous. Damn you.

bl3nd3r Mr Viper
Aug 19, 04 5:30pm

Hardee Harr Harr. i went to Coachella and j00 didn't! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!1uno1
Angelic Serenity Mr Viper
Aug 19, 04 3:18pm
Enjoy the time that you spend here on Neoseeker.
Take good care of yourself and never let your hopes or your dreams fade.

"I want to take any memory...
And hold it in my heart...Someday...
We'll overcome the pain...
And have precious memories."
MXracer Mr Viper
Jun 23, 04 10:23pm
Bow down to your GMail master.
Kaiba Mr Viper
Jun 19, 04 5:55pm

Sign my guestbook!!!
salvatore_leone Mr Viper
May 22, 04 2:29pm
you joined on my birthday, so you deserve the privilege of having me sign your guest book
Studly Cannon Mr Viper
Apr 10, 04 12:16pm

Weatherlover Mr Viper
Feb 4, 04 10:33am
Just wanted to stop in and say hi since you signed my guestbook recently. Hope all is well up in L.A. It poured like mad down here the other night. Hope it didn't flood up there again. I hope that all is well with you and that you have a great next few months.

Shy14 Mr Viper
Jan 2, 04 8:46am
I saw your name and felt like I needed to talk to you. Your name sounded cool. And I used to live in L.A. so I thought I might have known you. Anyway PM me please.