Im afraid you're the victim of one of my random christmas signings. Lol, have a merry christmas!

It keeps getting better and better.
y o y have you changed ur avatar?
That inuyasha guy sucks. also what does rofl stand for. you always seem to say it. "what you talking about, rofl?" was something you messaged to me once.
Hey thanks for the signing.
Muffins are alright.
Blueberry muffins are badass!

And yea, that is my real hand.
Hey I hate my last stamp, so here's another crud one I made on GIMP

Heya I have seen you posting around on the GFF forums. You seem to know quite a lot about Final Fantasy, so thought I'd just say hi.

Hope you return the favour =]
Hi, this is the first time I signed anyones guest book. I found Neoseeker the oddest way possible, I was searching for cheat codes and a popup came up, I clicked on it and it sent me here.