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Hi, welcome to my neohome. Here you will find a collection of banners made by myself. They can also be found on my Geocities Webpage, but that was too large for my sig, so I made them here in addition.

If you ever need a banner, just PM me with a request and I will be happy to make one for you. Or feel free to PM me if you have any good advice for making an awesome banner!

So here are my banners, from oldest to newest:

My first banner (pretty obviously)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Banner, one of the funniest shows out there

Winner of the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind banner contest

Banner for sargeras

Zelda 64 banner, was my banner for a while

Banner for Extreme Saiyan Power

Banner for okryry3

Banner for Sargent20Guage, the coolest neoseeker

Banner for my bud Ryan (aka pigwax: on www.thejointforum.com

Sub-Zero Banner for myself

Banner for Seung3

Banner for Killa_Kan

Terry Glenn Banner, the greatest wide receiver. My first banner using brushes

Cowboy Bebop Banner, more experimentation with brushes

Banner of Kristen Kreuk/Zhang Ziyi; It's simple, that's how it was meant to be

Gears of War Banner I made in school

Silent Hill 4: The Room forum contest header

Final Fantasy X-2 Header

Final Fantasy X-2 matching footer

Tales of Symphonia Header

Tales of Symphonia Matching Footer

Samurai Champloo Banner, one of the classiest animes out there

Saints Row header for competition

Saints Row footer for competition

Nov. 14, Greatest Comeback ever, cowoboys triumph over the eagles for the second match-up of the year. This year they have a shot at conference champs, yay!

Resident Evil 4 Banner I made for Seung2

#1 Banner of my DBZ collection


Holiday Banner