yay for terraria! :D
bittersweet candy bowl rules :3
move your dead bones
bittersweet candy bowl FTW! :3
reading a new webcomic. PM me if you want to know what it is!
i have the interwebs again :D
kirby: squeak squad playthrough finished! best credits music ever :3
AAML forever! pokeshipping FTW!
making a novel about me and lucario!
lucario is awesome X3
thanks to some awesome fanart on HALOLZ.com, mudkips are now my favorite pokemon! :D
reached mad messenger :D
happy end of the world! wait...it's not... *bleep* you, doomsayers.
kyurem is a total uber.
just beat white. *yawn*
just got pokemon white! i'm battling my way through clay's gym now.
just got 10 bucks towards pokemon white, 25 bucks to go.
i'm bored...someone PM me, i need to chat.
i feel like a thousand melty heads!!

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