I love cars, gadgets, and well outdoors. Chilling with my friends at the shop, the house, or at our random drunk adventures.

I used to drive a 95 Toyota Supra but was totaled when an Escalade rear ended me. Now I'm working on a new project which is my 98 240sx. Yea I know its no Supra but I am in the process of putting in an RB25DET. Since I'm working on that car I also own an 95 240sx as my daily driver. And a gas guzzling explorer which just sits there unless I really need the space.

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Review: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The King of Games!!!

Nov 24, 2002

well this one actually toped out GTA3!! wow!! there are 30somting weapons 100somthing cars 2.5X bigger than GTA3 you get bikes and plans, helis that can fly! and now you can buy property!! Well this game is the King of Games and the only game that...

O_o I don't do last....

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