hey man, thanks for the guestbook signing. its good to have another regular member around the sports forum. see ya in forums buddy.
He dude I am like signing you and I'm like doing it for totally no reason whatsoever. Ok I'm done see you round' the Sports Forum.
I decided to sign you guest book after all that shit I told ya. It was fun =D =D

We got a lot in comment right..? haha =D You have no idea how much difference.. but never mind.. =D =D =D

You're not the only sexy one here, enjoy my sexy stamp sweet thing. <333

Sana ~~
Good Luck with that radio station and the 10 days in jail

when its time to go night night keep your butthole really tight
One of the few people on Neo who don't candy-coat the truth. If I start being an asshat, you have full permission to tell me to *bleep*.
What's Up man? Maybe the Celtics will turn their season around.

Happy New Year!

Well, it's that time of the year again. Jingle bells ringing, champaigne corks popping, and looking back the year 2006 has gone by so fast! It's been cool hanging out in the Sports Forum... Maybe the Red Sox will get close to the Division Title this year?

The rabbit says to stay out of trouble and to have a great holiday season.

Wishing you and yours the very best for Christmas and 2007, and looking forward to another year on Neoseeker!

Take care,


There's my stamp. Here I am typing in randon stuff like my white sox are better than you red sox to reach the 125 character limit.
I h3 u so much, bcuz u r a uglee loozr, get uh lif, u dum biatch

but realy, i juzt wunna say, welcum bak

I missed you!
You flaming douchebag, you know I'm going to miss you. At least when you levae I can spam Slik a little more, and bash the Pats of course. Hopefully you'll still be ablt to see the Cards pwn everyone in the WS.

Imma miss you, Bam Bam.
Xbox sucks. It does and you know it. You know it and you choose to ignore it.
Um...I'm speechless? . . . . .
I am signing your guestbook cuz I decided I would Sign a bunch of moderators Guestbooks so, please sign back.

Here is a riddle incase you get bored.

If con is the opposite of pro, what's the opposite of progress?

I'd stamp but I don't have my floppy disc with me.
Hey there Bamman48

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
Hey there! I hope that this holiday season brings you loads of joy and love. It's been a year filled with many events, but yet, we find ourselves moving on to 2005. Here are a few stamps for you to enjoy this holiday season!!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays,


Take Care!
The Patriots suck!.......Damn, doesn't really work, considering I like them too. Tom Brady is the man!.....Well....Ummm....Yeah, i'll just stick with "Kings Suck."

Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around Bamman48. Sign back if you want...


See ya around
I might be a little late on congratulating you on the position but anyways ill just say it. Congratulations on becoming the mod of the sports forum. Well I dont got any pics of the Yankees to make fun of. I hate them as much as you do. I am a Mets fan all the way and man the Mets just sweeped the Yankees today, the first time they did it in history.Anyways Yankees suck, Mets rule.

Once again Congrats and see you around the sports forum.

For you...

*Nsync lyrics

Lying in your arms
So close together
Didn't know just what I had
Now I toss and turn
Cause I'm without you
How I'm missing you so bad

Where was my head
Where was my heart
Now I cry alone in the dark

I lie awake
I drive myself crazy
Drive myself crazy
Thinking of you
Made a mistake
When I let you go baby
I drive myself crazy
Wanting you the way that I do
(Wanting you the way that I do)

I was such a fool
I couldn't see it
Just how good you were to me
You confessed your love
Undying devotion
I confessed my need to be free

And now I'm left
With all this pain
I've only got myself to blame


Why didn't I know it
(How much I loved you baby)
Why couldn't I show it
(If I had only told you)
When I had the chance
Oh I had the chance

Hey, congrats on getting the mod spot for the Sports forum. You've been doing a great job, so keep up the good work. I may have been better for the job, but you should be fine. Oh yeah, NBA Draft coming up. Can't wait to see Emeka Okafor in a Magic uniform.^-^


congratulations on getting the moderator spot in the sports forum.

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