I love PC games, although I don't think they've realized their full potential. I believe that what are now called computer games could one day be considered an art form on par with books and film, but we're still FAR from that point. Today's games are still trying too hard to imitate movies instead of becoming an independant medium.

I think the most interesting developments in gaming are happening on the consoles, only a few of which seem to filter down to us PC gamers (and the conversions tend to be... less that graceful). I'm a freak for gamepads and wish that PC games would show better support for them.

I've also been looking into Interactive Fiction, but haven't created anything notable yet.


PC Games, Web development, inline skating, heated debate.

I find the Tony Hawk series to be dangerously addictive and consider Soul Reaver to be a shining example that all developers should strive for.


Beauty is only skin deep, after that it gets pretty gross...
- Casey Sillito
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Review: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 - Pure grinding satisfaction.

Jul 5, 2003

THPS3 Review I remember when I first installed the demo of THPS2. I hit a vert ramp and the camera swung around to point straight down and I was hooked. It had been a long time since I had that much pure fun with a game. Now that I've finally...

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