I love to skateboard, play hockey, and play video games.

Some of my friends are:

Tomaz91- One of my best friends on Neo. I started playing him when I first came here, and we always got along. He is always fun to play MP:H with.

Elstupido- Another one of my great friends on here. We are both heavily involve with the Hunter Elite Squadron, our clan. He taught me a lot of what I know in MP:H.

ElderCheeseToast- A great MP:H player! He has taught me a lot and he is always fun to play with.

Deleezo- Also known as Sharpshooter06, he is a great MP:H player, and a cool guy.

Mrgrimm- A new member in HES. He is really cool and a great addition to the clan.

A Noob- Trained me a lot in my n00b days. He is a cool guy.

I'll add more later. If your not on don't worry.


Well, I love to play video games. I have quite a few consoles, but the main ones I play are the 360, PC and the Nintendo DS. Some of my favorite games are Metroid Prime Hunters, Skate, Halo, and the Half-Life series. Pm me if you wish to play me in any of those games.


Frost is my new account!

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While many are out there playing Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 for the Xbox 360 a select few remain loyal to the Nintendo DS. Why, because of Metroid Prime Hunters. Metroid Prime Hunters is a first person shooter for the Nintendo DS that utilizes...

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