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  • "this game is AMAZING!!! going as a Villain or a Hero makes things crazier...currently making a few characters for a storyline of my own DCUniverseOnline"
    Loto Drandel Jan 14, 12 11:23am
  • "I made Zangief but someone already took the name so I have a bastardized Zangeif DCUniverseOnline"
    tekmosis Jan 14, 11 6:42pm
  • "Saw someone who made a "Hit Girl" char and someone who looked Bane themed but they were larger than me. I'm still wondering how they did it. DCUniverseOnline"
    tekmosis Jan 14, 11 6:42pm
  • "Not sure what kind of character I'll be making. I'm going the Hero route, though. I'll probably go with Batman as my mentor. DCUniverseOnline"
    tekmosis Jan 12, 11 9:48pm
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