Dang it, Civilization, haven't you taken away enough hours of my life already? =( read more

WOO! Pheonix Wright vs Prof Layton :D


wtf, mannn. read more

Heibai, you broke it didn't you?
I told you not to mash A+B so many times >> read more

I haven't watched it yet!!! Is it good...or terrible? read more

Oh no! What happened to the pokemon XY Forum? D:

You can always count on google to have some awesome prank up their sleeves! Some dude already... read more

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Some random dude stopped me to say I was pretty and ask for my number :o wish that happened more often! Talk about a confidence boost!

Oh man, I need to add up all my accounts with the whole OCE switch >>

Well, the two main ones:

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I got the PS3 version from EB and it's still the censored Australia shit. It's not that bad... read more

Really want to buy the Stick of Truth but all steam will offer is a "low violence version" -_-
likes ShadowCrystallux's status update: "I forgot how much fun The Sims 2 is. From building a character to building a business chain, it's great :D!"
I've just passed 10 years on here. I'm not sure what to feel.
Things to check off my bucket list: lady boy show, full moon party, 5 star resorts :)
On holidays until 22nd Feb!
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New Years resolution?
Nah, just trying to cut back on the amount of sugar I eat in... read more