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I said come on fhqwhgads, come on fhqwhgads
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Battle star had an amazing first couple of seasons but devolved into a bit too much drama, IMO :/
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Stick with it! I found it a bit dreary in seasons 1 & 2 but it's soooo worth it for seasons 4 & 5. read more

Hell, yes.

As someone who totally sucks, but still enjoys, smash bros- I love metaknight! You can... read more

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For his ultimate, does he have to be in mega form to cast it or does casting it cause him to turn into his mega form? read more


It's like Tibbers' transformation from teddy -> fiery demon bear of death...
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Haha trust me, I was shite at art until I made it my new year's resolution. It really is just... read more

Ooh kinda keen? I had great fun with the first two games and much of the same wouldn't be a bad thing, imo. read more

Heh, dw, I'm pretty bad at music stuff! Well...I mean I can sing pretty okay but production no no... read more

Haha I don't think I could get up the tree that high- no idea how they managed it. The trunk is... read more

Nah, we get rigorously drug tested at work so I'm not even going to risk it!

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Nah, it's pretty messy, haha. We just have a khat tree that has leaves that are commonly chewed in... read more

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Clearly an Australian thing I don't understand!
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