Thought it would be kinda nice to have a thread for success stories, however big or small! Hit a new PB lately? Share it here

SNAPshots are back!

Yeah, this again. Bringing back the old tradition. --Quote-- _If you don't read these rules, your post will be delete

Mouldy Cheese is on a thread-closing spree.

Given the influx of disaster/world ending threads lately I figured I might as well add one more :> Society has collapse

Someone just broke into our yard :(
I forgot how much I loved strongbad email.
Fortune doesn't favour fools...

_Guidelines:_ _1._ Anyone is a candidate for an interview, even if they were already interviewed in a previous installment

Edge of Tomorrow is just excellent and everyone should go see it.
If you want to win at MK8, add me! mol3cul3
Possibly one of the best deals in the trading forum at the moment!

Complete Vivillon Collection GiveawayTo celebrate the two new Vivillon patterns getting ready to be released I am doing a complete Vivillon collection giveaway. The distribution for the Pokeball pattern will take place between June 4th and Jun...

Want a diancie? Well that's what we're offering if you can make us a spiffy new header!

The Pokémon X and Y Safari Header/Footer Contest!Hey guys! Mouldy Cheese and I thought we could use a new header as well as footer for the forum and we've decided a contest would be the best way to give everyone here an opportunity to get those creat...

My friend just sent me this and it's the most bizarrely awesome thing @_@

Are we going to have May/Brendan again or will there be a remade, new character for us to play through? FR/LG and HG/SS had t

Hoenn was full of awesome little towns with excellent themes. I cannot wait to see some of the features in 3D! Like Diving??

Pokemon Alpha/Omega? *heavy breathing*
Mother of god....

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire announced, return to Hoenn November 2014 Rory Young - Thursday, May 8, 2014 12:59am (CCT/AWST) Like (2) Share (1) Hoenn goes glowy, welcome to Gloenn...

Nice try!

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