I do not like cookie dough. Call me a monster, if you will, but that gritty sugariness is just...blerughh. Give me baked cook

And the time has come to dry them. What's your preferred method of drying them? Handdryer? Paper towels? Wipe on your pan

I was having a discussion with one of my workmates who hates sneezing because he suffers from allergies. Personally, I love h

So the milk I'm drinking technically expired three days ago but it still smells fine so I'm drinking it! (whether or

I learned to not get toothpaste in your eye. It burns with the fire of a thousand suns D:

(totally kickass header to be put here) _.:About Me:._ _Name:_ Mouldy Cheese, MC etc. _Programs:_Photoshop CS6, Elemen

As in played every spare moment, couldn't stop thinking about whenever you weren't playing it and really sunk heaps a

Do you read any webcomics? Post your favourites! I read: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic - pop/nerd cultural commentary

Just as a bit of an FYI! There's a lecture that's about to stream http://www.twitch.tv/nyugamecenter that has the lea

Yes, yes! Holidays are lovely and cheery and all, but you must admit that some things get a little more frustrating around th

Let's just sit back a moment and appreciate some of the awesome characters in the game! Because if Bioware does one thing

I figure most of us would have a bag for something (school or just...in general)! What sort of things do you carry around wit

...and then won't come out! I think "we didn't start the fire" is ridiculously ear-wormy. Just hearing the


Have you ever been involved in a natural disaster or freak weather phenomenon before? What was it like? I've been in a

Inspired by @Shadow of Death@'s comment http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/18/t2074758-browsing-old-hard-drives/2.htm! Do

Has there ever been a day when you've had such a rough time at work that you've uttered these words? Mine came yes

Are there any foods that you've previously hated but tried again and really enjoyed? I used to hate the taste of aspar

Nice try!

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