WOO! Pheonix Wright vs Prof Layton :D
Oh no! What happened to the pokemon XY Forum? D:

I've been thinking about getting one as I really want to use some of the tools available with digital editing. The level

Some random dude stopped me to say I was pretty and ask for my number :o wish that happened more often! Talk about a confidence boost!
Really want to buy the Stick of Truth but all steam will offer is a "low violence version" -_-
I've just passed 10 years on here. I'm not sure what to feel.
Things to check off my bucket list: lady boy show, full moon party, 5 star resorts :)
On holidays until 22nd Feb!

Gawsh all the art in here is so good! Allow me to taint it somewhat with my attempts ;D Er...about me? I'm 23, I'v

Has anyone here ever gotten Pine mouth before? The last two days I've had a horrible, bitter taste in the back of my thro

Giving up sugar in coffee is so much harder than I thought it was going to be ;_;
Happy Australia Day! Today, drinking beer at 9am is socially acceptable. And let's not forget the hottest 100! http://bit.ly/1ao4NNs
Rewatching Happy Endings. WHY DID IT GET CANCELLED? WHYYYY!?

http://flavorpatch.com/?view=preview Try all the options! I think they did an awesome marketing job, as usual xD

I spend a significant amount of time watching "The making of" videos for Disney movies.
So i think I need to give this Ace Attorney thing a try!
It's 41C (106F) at 10am. What the heckkk.

Nice try!

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