Mor Havoc
Oct 9, 09 7:38pm
says - There's no true value in being right for the wrong reasons.
Mor Havoc blogged
Sep 24, 09 6:24pm

Permit me to say something which, on the surface, isn't terribly profound.

Everything happens for a reason.

No, I don't say that in one of those stupid philosophical musings that aspires to seemingly ridiculous notions like fate. It's just simple observation, and one that even science wouldn't have gotten too far without. Something happens because one or more separate events or factors caused it to happen. Now these reasons might be incredibly difficult to observe, or they might even be unknown to us. Hence why we quickly become frustrated with the child who continues to question 'Why? Why? Why?' - one, because he or she is able to continue asking ad infinitum, since everything has a reason, and two, because we're inevitably going to run into a brick wall sooner or later when we don't know the answer.

Not rocket science, I know. But it gets a whole bunch more interesting when you begin to ask the right sort of 'Whys' - for instance, why are you right here, right now, sitting at your computer screen, and reading this (or not)? What events or factors have caused you to be at this location, of all infinitely possible locations, and this exact moment in time?

Don't try to answer, because it's slightly rhetorical. Even if you give an initial answer, that answer can be subjected to the same question.

The point being, there are a hell of a lot of reasons that you're here. Some of them are obvious to everyone, some only to you, and some you probably haven't even thought about (indeed, you probably never wanted to).

But then question why we're all here on this same website. What brought us here in the first place, and why we continue to come back. In fact, if you try to imagine all the different possible reasons for being here, I very much doubt you'll be able to come up with terribly many. Let alone a different reason for every different person that visits this site.

So what does this mean? Well I guess that depends on why anyone's here. Personality factors, maybe. Perhaps this site only attracts introverts or something. Maybe it's to do with life experiences, perhaps this site only attracts people who are fed up with conventional social lives. I don't pretend to know.

But even though there are infinite possible combinations of these factors, there are a limited number of factors in themselves. And counting the thousands upon thousands of members on this site, it's a mathematical certainty that you're going to share a great number of factors with a great number of people.

In layman's speak: This site is not nearly representative of society as a whole. The very fact that you're here means that you probably have something, and most likely a great number of things, in common with almost everyone else on this site.

Just remember that next time you mentally alienate someone you've had a disagreement with. They're not as different from you as you might thnk.



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