My English isn't perfect, so feel free to correct me...


Hy, I'm Mops413. I love playing good games on PC, like E.S.IV:Oblivion, Warhammer 40k games, Fable:the Lost Chapters, etc.
When I start a game, I MUST complete it with all its expansions.
My favourite games are generally RTS's, RPG's; I played dozens of them.
I go to forums to learn new things, solve problems or to help other "forum friends" in solving theirs and I love to correspond with people all around the world...


Rats can be cats can be bats can be doors can be floors can be horse can be houses can be trousers can be mouses can be bad - can be MAD can be funny and sunny, maybe rain? It's the same!? I'M INSANE!
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