Devils Demon Moosetwik
Aug 24, 07 8:02am
(Cannot sign a guestbook 3 times in a row so I have to use my other account.)

You have completed the Challenge and deserve your final Stamp. Sorry about the delay.

Please remove the avatar now as the Challenge has come to a close.
Thanks for participating.

Keep an eye on my profile in the near future as I have more of these games planned.

Mnmfan Moosetwik
Aug 17, 07 8:04pm
You have been using my avatar for 2 weeks in a row and deserve another Stamp.

One more week to go.
Mnmfan Moosetwik
Aug 10, 07 11:18am
Well done for having my avatar for a week. You deserve a nice stamp.
Sorry about the delay.

Keep using the avatar to get more stamps.
Glitzville Moosetwik
Jan 28, 06 10:19am

I am EmmieGurl's sweet little slave, and loving it!

This signing has been brought to you by Glitzville, the sexy and annoying one.

I <3 My Master Emily!
FLAMEASS Moosetwik
Jan 28, 06 9:27am
Yunalookalike told me to sign your guest book, Apologizing to her.

It seems like I tend to upset you more time
and time again.
Then when I say I'm sorry and want to fix it,
Your feelings won't let me mend.
I'm sorry for all the stupid mistakes I make that
appear to let you down.
I never mean to flip your beautiful smile upside
down into a frown.

Mnmfan Moosetwik
Nov 23, 05 8:47pm
Congrats on being the first to get my Sig Question right. You got it on the 2nd hint.

T0a5t3r Moosetwik
Oct 31, 05 7:01am
I would totally write more if i wasn't just signing this for the returnal of de favor.

Have a great day darling.
bl3nd3r Moosetwik
Aug 02, 05 11:32pm

Actual bl3nd3rvill3 resident quote:

"bl3nd3r? I've met him once and he left quite an impression on me. He's not that much of an asshole like most people say he is. He's really quite nice.


Umm, is this being recorded? No? Good. I hate that mother*bleep*er. That bl3nd3r, what a *bleep*ing evil man! Somebody seriously needs to kill him. Hey, why is this button pressed? wtf is [rec]?
Nickle_Back Moosetwik
Jun 19, 05 11:39pm
Hey,thanks again for the banner resizing and adding the cool text,im trying to do one for a friend,would you PM me where you edited mine as im having no luck.
dubya Moosetwik
Jun 17, 05 4:06am
It looks like you like GTASA. I be there sometimes so I guess I see you. Sign Back. And you might think this is spam but the damn minimum 125 characters is popping up so...The sky is blue! Remember that! You might forget!
Mnmfan Moosetwik
Jun 13, 05 10:08pm
Thanks for signing my gb and for being the only one to congratulate me.
abceasyas1234 Moosetwik
Jun 01, 05 5:18am
Ola buenos dias. como esas tu. Just kidding! Anyway, I'm Jack, I signed your GB because you signed mine. Well C U latr.
Paineh Moosetwik
May 21, 05 4:26am
seen ya on the mc3 forums and it was a cool game but i thought id sign ur guestbook.hav fun.

FenriZ 666 Moosetwik
May 01, 05 2:59am

The BDK proudly announces its further expansion in to the realm of synthetic generations and neon age lolitas

SephirothRulerOfEvil Moosetwik
Apr 25, 05 10:48pm
hey man just thougth i would sigh ur guest book and say whatz up..Hit me up in pm sumtime as i am on here quite often.alwayz kewl to meet a fellow gta player...
RmX Moosetwik
Apr 10, 05 1:49pm
...So it's kindof late, but better late than never, so be bloody grateful!

Sorry i havn't got a stamp because I can't be arsed to make one. Erm...Maybe tomorrow, Bye!
Boontz_Lottie Moosetwik
Apr 08, 05 3:54am


Thanks for signing me!!!

Must use up all 125 characters ...
Charlie Haas Moosetwik
Apr 04, 05 3:59am
Thanks man for signing my GB, just returning the favour, anyways cya round the place ey! dah dah dah ******************************
Makiavelli Moosetwik
Apr 03, 05 9:29pm
Thanks for signing my G-Book! I returned the favor so...laters. peace:p
gta3er Moosetwik
Mar 30, 05 3:19pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook Moosetwik and the nice stamp. See you around the forums and Neoseeker. Anyway, later...
nobody important Moosetwik
Mar 30, 05 12:56pm
_we don`t control the media, the media controls us..

Oh...and thanks for signing my guestbook.

venom Moosetwik
Mar 30, 05 11:02am
Hello, thank you in signing my guestbook, it is VERY appreciated seeing as it was the signing that got me 9 pages of signings! You should thank yourself, if not, I will. Thank You.

Well, see you round the GTA forums then, later,

Kafani Moosetwik
Mar 30, 05 9:32am
Thanks for signing for guestbook dude, I appreciate it.

Nice forum you go going there, keep it up.

See ya around the forums, take it easy.

I stole Liquid SNake's gb signing. hehehe
Liquidus Snake Moosetwik
Mar 30, 05 4:47am
Thanks for signing for guestbook dude, I appreciate it.

Nice forum you go going there, keep it up.

See ya around the forums, take it easy.
XbOxGuru Moosetwik
Mar 29, 05 10:38pm
Thanks for signing my guest book
youve got a cool forum
but if you like Invader Zim CHeck out just click on banner