had 2 sighn since i waz ere cudnt let myself go with out sighnin sin u around alot in the forums but i never join in so u wont no me see ya around
Hey there, I've seen you around the forum. So I thought I would sign you guestbook. ^^"


Happy Birthday! (click the stamp!) ^^ Take care and have a good one!

LMM xox
U r welcome in silver forum so don't think the opposite!
I don't really talk to u but want to let u know u r welcome.
Melody is 1 of my neofriends but people make mistakes so just forgive her 4 this.
Stay long and cheer up!
i cant let a person go without me signing their guest book in my lil world thats a crime btw thx for signing mine anyways to the point! book signed -mario(no luigis)
Woo hoo Im the first!
Glad to be friends with you lord of darkness! hope to see you around more ok?