I am on a mission to sign everyone on neo's guestbook. I am doing this in hopes you will sign back.

You are sign #23 of the mission
Now then, now then!
Saw you in Lougin' and realised you're my local seeker. You support LFC as well which pleases the Gods. Have a stamping as well.

Hey there! This is my first signing in your GB. *feels proud*
Anyway, it's been great chatting with ya on MSN.

Cya round mate!

hi neo friend see you in forums here is something cool
heres to your team
the burning rubber devils
hope you win more races than me
cos' i plan to win all of them
good luck m8
Hey just signing your guestbok so hey how are you I'd love for us to be neofriends so alright i'll get going now

Jazz Master
I just like sighning guestbooks want to be neo friends i guess you know my friend blue pheonix he is in my school PM me when you get the chance
Well let me sign your guestbook.So Have a nice and swell day. I hope you don't go Pokecrazey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had that problem till i wen't councilling.I realy call it Pokephobia.
hey thanx for signing my guestbook here is something from me, sorry for the quality but this is all I have for now....lol
Rikkulover is the greatest master I have ever had. He should be declared the greatest Neoseekerian on all of Neoseeker and should be worship by all. Rikkulover owns you all.
Hello. I've seen you around the MK DS forums sometimes. Once MK DS comes out, lets have a race. I'll see you online...

Hey thanx for signing my gb... really appreciate it... so im just returnin ya the favor... here ya go:

see ya around!
Thanks for signing my g-book, I appreciate it. Thanks also for the comments on my avatar, you're the third person to have told me so, so I guess I'll keep it for a while.

Take care.
I was just looking at one of your posts and under your sig I read everything, so here I am now! I have a few stamps for you...


~Bye or Now~
hi! It's me! You don't have to sign back again, but now i have a stamp for you!

Bye now!
How's it going thanks for signing my guestbook so I thought I would return the favor! Cheers again

Maybe i'll see you around the forums

Hey! I know you hate me and all and ok... maybe your from the UK too but i noticed you didn't have too many people sign in your guestbook and i am well... nice so i thought i'd sign
sup, ty for signin my GB! Here's my stamp

I SERIOUSLY need a new stamp -_-''.

I saw ya stamped me an your G-book is a lil empty! So here I am hope to see you around some more!
Aw, your guestbook is so empty....here's a stamp for it! Hope you like it and have a kickass day!


high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high

Testing, Testing, Testing...
<>Gas bar not finish<>