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Oct 23, 10 12:51pm

Hello everybody and welcome to my first Blog on Neoseeker. I think I'll start my first blog rambling about some games I've been playing recently and just other general things.

So, it's finally the weekend. After five grueling days at school, I can kick back and relax. I've been playing a fair bit of a game called Minecraft recently, and I must say it's an extremely enjoyable game (If you haven't checked it out, I recommend you do). Basically what happens, is that you start a randomly generated world (absolutely huge world, I might add) and you are given no real task, just a blank canvas of cubic resources to craft and sculpt however you see fit. There is one thing to keep in mind though, is that when night falls zombies, skeletons and spiders will spawn and attempt to kill you. That's why when playing, it's essential to invest time into building a shelter.

One of the really enjoyable parts of the game is discovering random cave systems hidden under the earth. They hold resources that are necessary in crafting better items, such as gold and red dust. I've been exploring these caverns for hours on end, loosing my way and continually progressing through the caves in search of diamonds, the only resources I've not found yet. Actually, I'd be lying if I say I haven't actually found any diamonds yet, it's more the fact that the only time I'd ever came across them I lost them to the lava as it destroyed them. But that's what I enjoy about the game, getting ridiculously lost in a cave system and digging yourself out miles away from your shelter and being forced to trek back in hope for your shelter to appear in the horizon. Many of my personal experiences in caves ended up with me dying in some way or another, which is extremely irritating because I've usually collected huge amounts of Red Dust, Gold and Iron. Well, in all I really do enjoy Minecraft and hopefully I'll be blogging about it more often, including more detailed adventures that I will most likely have embarked on.

I think I should wrap this up now, I don't want to deter people from my blog because it's just a long wall of text. So thanks again for reading my blog :)

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