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This ended up not being as long as I thought it would be.
Oh well, doesn't really matter.
This is officially the half way mark.
Only 5 more to go!
The next ones will come out way faster I promise.

Chapter 5: A Dance of Fleeting moments

In the morning, Julia woke up and made way for the library. Emily wasn't going to be home all day and she had a new found drive. She went into the ,ibrary and set to work. She went through all the catalogs twice and searche through books that looked like they would have intials int them. It was 11 and Julia had nothing. Her drive from earlier in the morning had all but gone. Whe she had finally given up and she was slumped in one of the chairs. Then a pecking noise came from the window to her left. Se looked over to see a little white bird. She almost fell out of her chair form the site of it. It was the same bird form her dream. It continued to peck at the window. She finally got up and opened the window. It hopped in and then flew arounf the room till it landed in front of the bird cage. "You want to go in there?" She asked the bird. It tweeted as if to say yes. She opened the door of the cage and it took a place on the perch. "You're a strange bird. If you're even a bird at all." She sighed closing the cage door. It tweeted and she looked at it again. "Are you a bird?' She asked the bird. The bird made a notion that Juilia could have sworn was it shaking its head. She stood staring at the bird silently. She looked up at the painting of the boys. "Is that you?" She pointed to the painting. The bird whistled as a replied. "So you're the boy. You showed my the funeral in the dream. So are you going to help me?" Julia leaned down to be face to face with the bird. The bird tweeted. "I'll take that as a yes." She got up and set back to work.
That night she was still in the library. She slumped in the chair. "You weren't much help." She glared at the bird. The bird whistled. "I know you're a bird but if you had enough power to become one. Why couldn't you work some magic and show me your name or at least where I could find it." She moaned. The bird just tweeted and looked a bit sad. "It's okay, I'm sorry. I know you can't do much. I'll figure it out I promise." She sighed and stood up. She went over and picked up the cage. "I'll bring you to my room." She carried the cage down the hall and brought it in her room. She set in ont he desk on one side of the room. She patted the cage and went to her bed. She ready for bed and went to sleep.
Once again the color pink flashed into Julia's vision. She walked forward into the clearing, wondering what she would see tonight. The blazing fire or the dark funeral. Se looked up and saw the boy extending his hand. She told herself that reaching for it would be useless but she did it anyway. She waited for him to disapear, when she felt her fingers brush his. He took her hand and pulled her in. He raised there clasped hands and settled his other one on her hip. She settled her other on his shoulder. He gave her the same warm smile and slowly the began to dance to some unheard tune. They twirled and glided around the clearing, perfectly insync. Julia had never felt so at peace. She closed her eyes for a second and something flashed into her vision. It was scene in the main foyer. The boy was hugging a woman as man stood and watched. She reconized them as the couple who stood next to the priest at the funeral. They started to speak to each other but Julia could not ear them. The boy waved good bye and left out the door. The next thng she saw was the boy arriving at another house. It was the house she had seen that caught on fire. He was speaking to another man who seemed happy to see him. That scene left her another came into view. It was the man that had greeted the boy. It was just him smirking and nothign else. The next thing she sees is the flashes of fire and smoke. She knows the scene to well. After her sight comes back to the boy and her in the clearing. She frowned up at the young man. He gave her a itter sweet smile. Then slowly he leaned in and kissed her on the forehead. Everything faded away and she was left surrounded by a warm light.
When Julia sat up in bed, she did so slowly. She looked at the sun coming through the window and then to the bird cage. She stared at the sleeping bird for a second and then down at her sheets. "Tahnk you, I know you are trying your best to help. I just know I'll figure this out." She whispered and looked back to the bird. The bird stirred and woke up. It fluffed its feathers and looked and julia. It started to ring out a high sweet song. Julia smiled.

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This is a super short chapter.
the next one will be longer so it makes up for the shortness of this one!
Hope you like it!

Chapter 4: The Dogwoods in Bloom

A few days had passed since Julia encounter with the starnge antique shop woman. She set up the bird cage in the library by the fireplace. She didn't really know how it was supposed to be helpful. It just sat there empty, gathering dust. But she couldn't help but think of what the woman said everytime she looked at it. So she let it sit there and waited for it's so called help to come.
"I think we should have a picnic." Emily said during breakfast. "Why all of a sudden." Julia cocked her head to the side. "You've been locking yourself in the library. Sunshine is a good thing Julia, and you need it." Emily pushed. "But-" "No buts, we are going outside to the garden at 12:00 sharp don't be late." She stoodup and brought her dishes into the kitchen. "Fine" Julis sighed and finished her breakfast.
Before 12:00 came Julia decided to get in as much reading as she could. One thing she was curiouse about was the bird in her last dream. What kind of bird was t? What did it have to do with the nameless boy? And did the bird cage have something to do with it? The question were running through her head and she just had to find out. "First let's she if we can't put a name on that little guy." Julia mumered to herself as she went throught he wildlife books. "Here we are." She hummed pulling out a book on birds. She sat down and started to slip throught he large book. She sat in silence unable to find the bird from her dream. Then she stopped and looked down at one of the pages. "This looks just like it but it's not white." She frowned down at the page. The bird on the page was called a house sparrow. "Maybe if I read, I'll figure it out." She said bringing the book a little closer and reading through the text. "There!" Julia stood up in excitment. A white hose sparrow. They're rare but not imossible!" She shut the book and ran out of the room.
She met Emily in the hall as she was about to come and get her. "Now, that's the kind of excitment I'm looking for." Emily laughed. "Well, you know me I just love picnics." Julia scratched her head. The two went out to the dogwood orchard and sat down. Spring had reached the trees as the began to bloom.The two had a a wonderful lunch. And for a second Julia could relax having accomplished even the smallest victory in this mysterious case.
That night Julia was laying in bed just staring up at the ceiling. She started to go over everything out loud. "A boy with green eyes, a mansion on fire, a funeral, an orchard full of dogwoods, and a white house sparrow. How does any of that connect to each other. It makes no sense at all. None of it. Why did I get myself wrapped up in this." She sighed rolled over on her side. She looked out the window at the moon shining in the distance. "I know why. I made promise. I never break a promise." She closed her eye and fell alseep.

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Alright so theater is over, school is over, and finals are over.
You don't know how long I've been waiting for this.
Now I'll be able to get this written and posted more Often!
Well here is the third chapter, yeah!

Chapter 3: The Brass Bird Cage

Julia sat in one of the large library chairs. It was night, and the trail was cold. Earlier that morning she had promised a disimbodied voice that she would help it. Now, she was tired and discouraged. Emily had long gone to bed, leaving her friend to her endless search. Julia sat in the glow of a single lamp with a book in her lap. Slowly she began to drift off into sleep.
Julia opened her eyes to a world of pink once again. She found herself in the orchard again. Deep in her gut she had a feeling that she woud face the same terrible fire as the night before, but she still proceeded to go to where the boy was. She found him standing, staring at her with his endless green eyes. He once again smiled and held out his hand. Entranced by his smile Juia went closer but like the time before he disappeared. A wirl of petals came and took him away. She was now alone waiting for the smell of smoke to fill the air. Then strangly enough something broke the silence. The song of a single bird filled the quiet world. On one of the low branchs sat a strange little white songbird. Julia stared at the bird for a moment and watched as it took off and flew about before swooping away deeper into the orchard. Not wishing to go to the flaming house, she followed the bird. The endless pink was almost blinding, making following the bird hard. The only thing she could really follow was it's song. As she caught up to the bird. It was sitting on a branch waiting for her. she came up and saw the end of the orchard. A great white house came into view. unlike last time the house was fine. It shone in the light of the day and let off new home kind of vibes. The one thing that seemed to darken the scene was the group of black clothed people. Julia assumed it was a funeral. She carefuly went toward the group. A small walkway to the center let Julia see what was going on. Standing across from her was a priest, a woman crying, and a man attmepting to console her. Then the words of the priest reached Julia's ears. "He fought for the great southern tradition. For the way of life we wished to sustain. He was a good boy with the brightest of futures ahead of him. Sadly, war is not kind and takes any of god's children weather they are pure or a sinner. It is sad that we may not put his body to rest but in honor of his valor and gravestone shall be put down. Pray that the lord may take such a good kind boy through the gates of heaven into a better place. Away from this terrible war."

Julia sat up in her chair. She looked over to the grandfather clock. It was 7:00 in the morning. She rubbed her forehead and sighed. "I'm sure you mean well but that dream only made it more confusing." She stood up and left the room. As she came to the dinning room she ran into Emily. "Did you stay up all night in that Library?" Emily crossed her arms. "No, I fell alseep in one of the arm chairs." Julia streached. "You really need to get out of this house. Go explore the town or something. Don't stay cooped up in this old place. You'll go looney if you do." Emily scolded her friend. Julia felt she had already gone looney. Hearing voices, haveing confusing dreams,talking to no one. If that wasn't looney, who knows what is.
After breakfast, Emily made Julia march up to her room and change. Then, she kicked her out of the house. "Hey, what about my bag!?" Julia shouted to her friend at the door. "Here." Emily tossed the bag out the door and slammed it closed. "Thanks." Julia mumbled picking up her bag. She put it over her shoulder and walked into town.

When in town she stopped by a few local shops and stopped for something to eat at a small cafe. The whole time she could feel people staring at her. She heard whispers like " that's the new girl" and "doesn't she live in the old Albert's estate." The one that really intrested her was "Isn't that place haunted." So maybe she wasn't crazy maybe there was a ghost boy in that house after all. Her mindless wandering lead her to a small shop. It was a quiet little antique store. At first Julia passed it off, but then she got this strange feeling. Like something in the store was calling to her. Her only thought was 'oh no not more haunted paintings. I don't think my heart can another one of those.' She decided to ignore her brain screaming for her to turn around and go home. She opened the door and peeked inside. Following the erie feeling, she carefully made her way through the cluttered store. Finally, she stopped in front of a bird cage. It was made of pure brass and was very ornate. She went up to and felt the brass bars. She closed her eyes and she remembered the little white song bird from her dream. She heard it's song ringing in her ear. It sounded like a lullbye that a mother would sing to her child. The bird's song began to get louder and clearer in her head. It felt as if it was almost real. "Can I help you?" A voice cut in. It made Julia jump and turn around. She came face to face with a woman. She was middle aged and wore very modest clothing. Her one striking feature were her eyes, which almost made Julia wanna run out of the store and never come back. Her eyes were a calm jade green. The almost mirrored the ones of the boy but her's had a far more gentle tone to them. Rather then the pirecing eyes of the boy. "Are you interested in that bird cage?" She smiled. "Um, y-yeah sure." Julia stammered. "Oh, would you like to purchase it?" She asked again. "Well." Julia hesitated, looking back at the piece. "I'm sure it will help you find what you are looking for." She stepped past her and fingered the bars of the cage. "Huh?" She turned to the woman. "You are looking for something very importent. This bird cage will help you, I promise." She assured the young girl. "I guess if you put it like that. Ok, I'll take it." Julia said carefully. The women took the cage and rung it up for her.

As Julia was leaving the store, the woman stopped her. "I'll be seeing you again soon." She smiled. "What do you mean by soon?" Julia looked at the woman strangly. "Your journey will lead you here again. I'm sure it will." The woman smirked and disappeared to the back of the store. "This just keeps getting weirder and weirder." Julia sighed and left for home.

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Sorry, this took me forever.
There was a bunch of state testing these last few weeks.
I haven't really been able to just sit down and finish this.
I promise I'll get these out faster.
Here it is, the second chapter.

Chapter 2: Haunted portraits and haunting dreams

Julia was never the kind to linger on things to long. When something came along that bothered her, she wouldn't worry about for more than an hour or two. So, when the thought of her encounter still bothered her the next day she knew something was up. She told Emily again, who passed it off as nothing and told her to stop thinking about it. Emily never believed in anything like magic or ghosts. She said it was all just people's imaginations.
Julia could see she wasn't going to get much help from her friend so she looked for a place to clear her thoughts. She wouldn't go back to the orchard, that would make things more confusing. She set out to find a quiet room in the house. Julia wondered around the halls checking room after room until she found something. At the end of one of the halls in the west wing there was a pair of double doors. Julia swung them open and found a library. The book selves stretched out through the room. And at the head of the room, above the fireplace, was grand portrait. Julia almost fell over at the sight of the young man who was immortalized in the painting. A pair of striking jade eyes stared back at her. She stood dead still staring at the portrait and finally she slowly got closer to it. The young man who had stopped to look too her in the orchard was once again in front of her. She could only silently stare at him. As she got closer and closer to the picture she could see that the name plate ,that would usually hold the name of the subject in the portrait, was blank. She took one last look at the young man and quickly left the room.
For the rest of the day Julia was lost in thought. At dinner she sat at the end of the large dinning room table and Emily sat on her right pushing the peas on her plate. Julia was woken from her deep trance by a pea launched at he face. "Huh!?" She looked around ,startled. "Whats up with you?" Emily went back to pushing her peas around. "nothing just thinking about something." Julia shook her head. "ok, whatever." Emily shrugged.
Later that night, Julia was shuffling around her new room, trying to get used to the size. A painting on one of the walls of an old man stared at her intently. She assumed the man was her grandfather and that this was his room. She finally settled into bed and fell asleep.
It didn't seem like long until she opened her eyes again but she was no longer in the large bedroom, but in the orchard. She shuffled back into the tree, surprised by her location. Once again the petals danced around her but this time she felt something calling to her. A invisible force pulling her to her feet and leading her father away from the safe spot under the tree. She followed the strange force through the trees to a small clearing. There among the pink only one thing stood out, two shining jade orbs. The boy stood with his had extended a smile plastered on his face. There was a haunting silence between them. At first Julia just stared at the young man but then slowly she moved closer. The gap between them lessened and her hand reached to touch his. As her hand got nearer and she was about to reach him, he disappeared in a gust of petals. She looked around the empty clearing, confused and lost. Then the over powering smell of smoke and flames engulfed her. She rushed out of the clearing and through the trees. As they began to the clear the house came into view. The majestic white mansion was choked by flames and smog. The screams and cries of the people inside rang in Julia's ear and her site was blurred by the clouds of deadly smoke.
Julia shot up in bed screaming and eyes filled with tears. Emily came rushing into the room frightened by her friends sudden panic. Julia sat in bed breathing hard, her lungs still burning from the smoke. Every time she touched her skin, she cringed with pain. It felt like every inch of her body was covered in burns. Emily went over and wrapped the blanket around her. "Julia, are you ok? What happened?" Emily whispered to her friend. Julia's sobs were the only response. Emily hugged her friend and got into the bed with her. "I don't know what happened but it's going to be ok, I promise." Emily hugged her friend tighter. Julia and Emily fell asleep together but Julia's sleep was haunted by the screams she had heard only minutes before.
In the morning Julia woke to find her friend sleeping beside her. She sat silent but then got out of bed. She left the room and went down the hall to the doors of the library. She pushed them open and slowly approached the portrait. She came face to face with it, putting her hand against the empty name plate. "Who are you? Why me?" She whispered. A second later a cold chill crawled up her spine. Then a soft whisper blew into her ear, saying "please, I'm lost. Please, come find me." She stood staring up at the painting for a moment after. The chill was gone and the whisper had faded. "I'll find you, I promise." She whispered back and left the silent library.

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So, It's been forever since I've put anything up.
I came up with this story idea from a fanfiction I read a few weeks ago.
It's a 10 part story about a girl trying to help a ghost pass over.
I did my best with the language.
It's been awhile since I've written like this so it might be crap and I just can't tell.
Also please excuse my terrible grammar and mechanics.
As usual comment and give me some interesting feed back.

A Dance Under Dogwoods

Chapter 1: A new home in the peach state

Julia never knew her grandfather let alone her birthparents being that they died shortly after her birth. She was an orphan who was adopted and raised by a couple in philadelphia. On her 18th birthday, When she was told her long lost grandfather left his fortune and all his worldly posseions to her, she thought it was a joke. Like her parents were kidding and trying pull a fast one on her. They told Julia it was her choice, that she was a young woman. She could leave it and go on with her life or move to Georgia in an attempt to reconnect with her past. Julia's cutiosity won out in the end and she left right after graduation. Followed by her best friend, she packed her things and left for the south.
As they started the long drive down the gravel path leading to the house Julia watched the grand oaks pass by. It was like being back in social studies when their teacher would talk about the vast Plantations of the south. Nothing seemed at all changed. It was like the land was frozen in time. As they slowly came closer to the end, Julia could see the shining white mansion. It glowed in the noontime sun and the pillars towered over them. The car came to a stop and Julia jumped out. She slowly creep closer to the grand home. "This is mine." She whispered. Emily came up behind her and nodded. "Yup, the will said you owned all this land and the fortune that came with it. Wonder why the old guy gave you all this if you didn't even know him." Emily shrugged and went to help the driver unload the trunk.
The driver helped carry their bags inside and Julia stopped to talk to him when they reached the foyer. "Thank you, very much." She smiled at the man. "Your welcome miss," He tipped his hat," Just be careful I hear some spooky things happen in this house." Julia looked at him confused. "What do you mean by spooky?" he just shrugged. "I don't know I just heard that from the locals. I should be off then." He lifted his hat and left Julia at the door.
A little while later, when the two girls finished unpacking their things, Emily decided to head out to town. So Julia was left alone in the large house. "What should I do now?" She looked around the empty halls. In one of the halls there was a window that looked out on the backyard . In the distance Julia could see rows of trees. She went down stairs and put on her shoes. Then went out the door in the kitchen and ran in the direction of the trees. As she got closer she could they were still bare from the winter that had passed but on some their were the first buds of spring. She slowly paced about the trunks and she was reminded of her youth. She had a tree in her back yard just like these. Her father had told her they were called Dogwoods. She loved that tree when spring came around, because it was fun to dance around in the petals when they fell from the branches.
Soon she was tired from walking and settled at foot of one of the trees. She sat and stared off into the rows that stretched as far as she could see. Her eyes started to close and as soon as they shut she slipped off into sleep. The next thing she she see are petals dancing all around her. The trees were no longer bare with the occasional buds popping out, they were in full bloom. She stood up and steadied herself against the trunk. At first she was all alone but then slowly she say something twirling about with the petals. Two people were dancing under the cover of the endless flowers. They twirled and twisted as the petals followed their lead. Soon she became entranced by there graceful movements. For a moment, the man of the pair was facing her and she could his eyes. They were a bright jade green that contrasted with the sea of pink petals that encased them. Then without delay the moment was over and he went back to his dance.
Julia sat up and stared at her surroundings. Everything was gone. The petals, the dancers, the man with the jade green eyes. She was alone in the silent orchard. She got to her feet and started the long trek back to the house. All the way there all she could think of were the eyes of the man.
Back at the house Emily was home and she had brought food to start dinner. When the two finaly sat down, Julia told Emily about what she saw. "You know how dreams are Julia. If I were you I would just forget about it." Emily waved off the conversation. Julia knew what her friend meant and maybe she was right. But then why did it feel so real and why couldn't she forget those eyes.

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I got this great Idea so I wrote it done.
Please comment, I love to see what you have to say.
This one is a long one so hang in there.

I had met an old man on the side of the road once. He told me a story of a young king and an enchantress. He said it was a story that would teach me a true lesson about war. I decided to listen to the old man and this is how the tale went. The enchantress’s name was Viatrix. She had been reborn into many lives and was very wise. She was locked up because people feared her power even though she was only a young girl. She lived in the dungeons of the castle until the day the prince found her . His name was Calixtus. He was the first of the 10 sons of the royal family. He freed her in return that she never leave him. She agreed. The prince soon became king and soon faced his first war. Viatrix was a frail queen and didn’t often leave her room. She was not lonely for she had the company of the her lady in waiting, Narcissa, and the 5th son , Jacobus. Calixtus went off to war and so did Jacobus leaving Narcissa and Viatrix behind. One night a messenger came to the castle and brought news of Jacobus’s death. Only a few days later his body lay in a coffin at the funeral. Narcissa cried the enter time, not even taking the time to go up and speak. Viatrix took her place. She spoke “I have yet to see a man with a stronger flame lit in his soul but sadly it has been burned out. It isn’t surprising that war took his life, though. It was only expected. The funny thing his death will teach us nothing.”. Many were shocked and others confused by her words. Calixtus had come back from the war for the funeral and went to Viatrix to question her on the intention of her words. She answered “Jacobus was young and strong and the best thing we think of to acknowledge his abilities is war. What will battle do for a young man. Teach them a life lesson, give them pride if they win, and break their spirit if they do not. What good is a thing that will kill us. A man only proves how savage he is when he kills another man.”. “Do you not believe in my fight?” Calixtus asked. “Does your fight make you something more then you are? I do not understand why we are fighting.” She sighed in response. “I am fighting to protect my country and most of all you. If the enemy took siege of our home and killed you. I would grieve for all my life and die in my sorrow. You are my love, Viatrix. You are my queen.” Viatrix held a steady gaze. “ War has destroyed many things, Calixtus. No matter how hard you fight you can never truly win. If you love me Calixtus hear what I saw. You must not stray from the good man’s path. I have lived many lives before this and I have seen many men fall just as Jacobus did. I have also seen many men lose their values in the pursuit of bloodlust and power.”. Viatrix had no more to say on the matter and left Calixtus. He went back to war, Viatrix’s words heavy on his mind. Viatrix and Narcissa found a new male companion, an artist named Urbanus. He spent his days about the Queen’s court and wished not to go to war. “Urbanus do you fear war?” Viatrix asked him on day. “I do not fear it I just think I’m not suited for it.” He laughed “I am much better with a paint brush then I am with a sword”. “I wish for there to be more men of your kind. It seems that the only thing a young boy finds entertaining these days is fighting with wooden sword rather then practicing themselves in the arts.” Narcissa commented. “Indeed.” Viatrix murmured. One summer night an urgent message reached the castle. The enemy was coming upon the capital. The Queen and her court were locked away in the castle with armed guard were all about. The army came on strong and took down the guard. The queen left the safety of her room and then for the first in a long while she stepped out of the castle doors. Waiting for her was a tall dark handsome man with scars on his arms and one on his cheek. Behind him was an army of soldiers. The queen walked slowly in bare feet and a nightgown to greet him. “Good evening, Commander.” She said to the man. “You must be the queen. Calixtus is a lucky man” The man smiled. “Your wife must be a lucky woman to have such a handsome man by her side.” Viatrix answered calmly. “Sadly, I am not married but I am happy to know you think me handsome.” he smirked. “What I do not understand is how you got past my husband and his men.” Viatrix looked at him questioningly. “Ah, you see I have slain Calixtus and won the war. This castle is now mine to keep.” . Viatrix stood frozen. “Your majesty!” Urbanus and Narcissa ran out to her side. “What is this ?” The commander’s eyes widened. “Please, do not hurt her majesty.” Narcissa begged. “kill us all if you must but spare her.” Urbanus shouted. “Stop, No one shall be killed. I will not loose anymore.” Viatrix whispered. “Your majesty?”. “Commander what have you won now that the war is over” Viatrix looked him straight in the eyes. “I have won this kingdom of course and if I choose the queen herself.” He answered proudly. “Yes but what do you feel?”. The commander paused “You got me there. I feel I a bit guilty actually for what I have done and now that I have met you in person I feel bad for taking your husband from you. Why do you ask me this?” the Commander stopped himself. “I only ask to see what path you followed. The good man’s path is hard to see through the blood of war. If you feel guilt then maybe you still have hope. “ Viatrix managed to smile. “Is this what you were trying to say that time?” Urbanus said half to himself. “What?” Narcissa asked still in shock. “I heard once of the words the queen spoke at the funeral and they intrigued me. I understand them now.” Urbanus sighed. “What did it mean?” Narcissa asked urgently. “I meant that war is an act that leads us to a rocky path. We are born values and kindness but when faced with battle we tend to loose those thing and become no better then animals. A man who has lost his in the fight will only loose all he loves but one who can say guilty for what they have done can still move on. I loved Calixtus very much but from the start I feared what would happen. I knew all to well that he would not listen that he would fight on and loose himself. I taught him one lesson and that was do not follow the path which war will lead you only keep to your own and remember your feelings of guilt and the pride of your true values.” Viatrix stated in a commanding voice. “ I under estimated you. I have great respect for your wisdom and much love for beauty, Fair queen.” The commander. “And so you should” The queen smiled back. The old man stopped the story and wished to know what happen to the Viatrix, Urbanus, The Commander, and Narcissa. He laughed and went on. Viatrix married the Commander who’s name was Clarus. Urbanus married Narcissa and became a great artist. Viatrix gave birth too two twin boys she named them Jacobus and Calixtus. I wondered how the old man knew the story and he said that his mother had told it to him. I asked for her name and he smiled and said Viatrix.

other musingsthoughts
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Lately I've been trying to do things by myself.
I wanted to prove to everyone that I could do it.
I broke down today and after talking to my mother about asking for help sometimes and listening to what others say.
I got to thinking.
What if I never listened and I never looked for help.
What if I died tomorrow and never still had disapointment in my heart.
So with that inspiration I wrote this.

One last Wish

I did some pretty stupid things in my life. I left behind my home, I hurt the people who loved me, and I lost something inside of myself. I can’t believe I wasted time trying to do something that wasn‘t even worth it. Maybe I should have paid attention to my mother that day. I shouldn’t have cast her aside and told I made my own destiny. That moment was probably when I screwed myself to the point of no return. I wouldn’t be lying here in a pile of my own shattered life if I had just stopped to listen. I should have listened. I wish I could have a second chance. If I had one I would do it right. I would believe in others and not rely on my own strength alone. I would pay attention to others and heed their warnings. But this is real life, you don’t get a second chance. I screwed up and that’s all there is. You don’t get three strikes, only one. And if you miss that one, it’s game over. I guess this is good bye. I wish I could have told my son and my husband and my parents and my sisters that I loved them. I wish, I wish, I wish………

Please tell me what you think.
I love all types of feedback!

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The most beautiful part of life is that you don't know what happens next
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*live* laugh =D Love <3
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Love, laugh, live
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hey life, I have a long list of complaints, so get comfortable
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lovely girls and lovely boys never get along

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