See the last sentance above, namely the bored of typing bit!.


Well what can i!! But heres a small shortlist anyway.

Films..i`m a big fan of films, and it would take too long for me to go into it in any detail so i`ll leave it at that.

Sport..i play snooker and golf mostly, but play a lot of others too from time to time.I also watch all manner of sports on T.V.

PC..self explantory really seems as i`m typing this on one!!

PS2..mostly RPG`s but sport games and acarde/action too.

Reading..I read quite a bit too, favorite seris`s include The Dark Tower seris by King and Chung Kuo seris by David Wingrove,not to mention LOTR/Silmarillion of coarse.

Any way thats a small bit about my interests and i`m bored of typing now so, Adios.
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Review: Final Fantasy X-2 - Final Fantasy X-2

May 12, 2004

Overall this is a really cool game and any one who likes previous final fantasys or indeed good RPG`s i recomend this game. However as a FF fan i`ll have to be critical of the new battle and character enhancement system. The new system with Dress...

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