Mieru_hito Mongo8
Oct 24, 12 7:06pm
Good trader thank u
orella Mongo8
Oct 20, 12 8:25am
good trader
Oct 19, 12 10:18am
Offered me a good deal for my card, fastest replies I have ever had for a sale! Thanks alot!
angelkim Mongo8
Oct 19, 12 7:26am
he is fair person to trade.
i can trust to trade him
Kirei Mongo8
Oct 10, 12 1:09pm
Real pleasure trading with Mongo8, honest and fast trade. Hopping to do business again
MiKeY69 Mongo8
Oct 10, 12 6:47am
silky smooth transaction, like syrup on a pancakes

hope to do more bussiness with you in the future
helloevo Mongo8
Oct 9, 12 8:46pm
Great buyer! Lightning fast payment and very trustworthy! If he's buying from you and asks to see your card first he will not scam you, he's legit.
perfecthigh713 Mongo8
Oct 8, 12 6:27pm
transaction went smoothly thx
DaddyBEAR Mongo8
Oct 8, 12 1:57pm
He is great trader. Trustworthy and fast service. Thumbs up...!!!
DaddyBEAR Mongo8
Oct 8, 12 1:52pm
He is nice and trustworthy. If he say ace guardian, it really mean ace. Will do business with him again. Thump up...!!!
GC12ef1ecT Mongo8
Oct 8, 12 10:17am
Did the transaction everything went smoothly .

Thanks ! ~
benzer_9o Mongo8
Oct 8, 12 9:39am
Sent a pm about some doubt, cleared it within 10mins
fatalerror Mongo8
Oct 8, 12 5:58am
great trader!!! very trustworthy and definitely would trade with him again in future! he sent what was promised
eltongod Mongo8
Oct 6, 12 9:40pm
Wow. Super great trader! All ace cards trade with no problem. eltongod vouch!!!!
Daym Mongo8
Oct 5, 12 4:19pm
Legit and honest trader, multiple trades all fast and easy. Thanks Mongo =P
Lordgenin Mongo8
Oct 5, 12 8:03am
Thank You Sir
bbunn27 Mongo8
Oct 3, 12 5:26pm
sent and back Very Trustworthy
LuxLucis Mongo8
Oct 3, 12 2:30pm
Fast, honest, cool. Recommended.
sparkling Mongo8
Oct 3, 12 10:58am
great trustworthy seller i went first and all went fine!
jiminez Mongo8
Oct 2, 12 7:42am
fast and flexible trader you can trust, would definately trade with mongo again!
Stevens Mongo8
Oct 1, 12 4:47pm
can be trusted
garruk0 Mongo8
Sep 29, 12 4:39pm
responding very fast and trusted me in gifting me first. anytime again