A few months ago, Dynamite bet $100 on Mitt Romney winning the 2012 election and I matched it betting on Barack Obama.

Barack Obama won FOUR days ago and I still have not seen the money while my rent goes unpaid!

Is it fair for me to charge Dynamite an interest of $50 a day like the rent company is charging me? I think so.

obama romney 100 bet plastic musingsthoughts anime
academic life can really suck
leaves to Alaska in a few days!
could use spring break again
eating peanuts

Does anyone else find it annoying when someone coughs, sneezes, or yawns at the same time or right after you?
I find it extremely irritating.
I know that yawns are "contagious," but if you know you will yawn, you can suppress or minimize it.


don't panic.
Yo ho howdy ahoy there!


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