Lauzi Mohamadito
Feb 13, 09 4:10am
    Hello, Mohaz. :3

    I made a new stamp so I'm just going around stamping people on my neofriend list, and you are one of them. ^___^

    Enjoy! ;D

Simon1987 Mohamadito
Dec 7, 08 3:05am
Popping through spreading Christmas greetings

lordlucario95 Mohamadito
Oct 4, 08 10:17pm
its so good that you let me join the masters allience

i hope we become good friends
oh by the way you anygood with sigs cause i need a new one the explanations on the graphics thread if you do it for me
Lauzi Mohamadito
Aug 14, 08 12:23am
Popped in to sign your guestbook, because you are a great friend. =)

Enjoy! =)

Steve The Ninja Mohamadito
Jun 22, 08 7:44am

I just realised that I hadn't signed your guestbook, so I thought I would.


Lauzi Mohamadito
May 25, 08 9:11pm
Happy Birthday!
This stamp is dedicated to you! ^^

Benedict Mohamadito
Apr 14, 08 2:09am
Hi. I thought of signing so sign me back! MY stamp below.

Also tell me if the markup worked in my GB. Thanks!

Lauzi Mohamadito
Feb 26, 08 11:32pm
I made a new stamp, so I'm signing guestbooks with it!

I could make you a stamp if you want, just tell me your request. But I may not be able to do a trainer for you, but if you ask nicely, I'll see what I can do!
Alex0 Mohamadito
Feb 26, 08 12:31am
I got a new stamp and Im stamping all my best neo-friends! Here is yours!
Piplupgal Mohamadito
Feb 21, 08 8:33pm
your cool so heres a stamp

Seeya around
Legolunatic Mohamadito
Feb 16, 08 4:52am
New Giratina, it's on my stamp.

I h8 the 125 character minimum.
Mikez2605 Mohamadito
Jan 13, 08 2:18am
This is for my first friend on neoseeker, and hes still as nice as he was before. Also he leader of The Masters Alliance, and he appointed me co-leader! what a legend!
anyways, i have a new mascot and ur the first person's guestbook that its goin in!
ENJOY! (hes my mascot btw!)

i hope it works
Turtwig King Mohamadito
Jan 13, 08 1:39am
Thank you for letting me join your clan

Your Friend,
Lauzi Mohamadito
Jan 9, 08 9:46pm
I'm on a winter stamping spree, don't mind me! LOL.


Lauzi Mohamadito
Dec 5, 07 11:45pm
Hey so how are you doing? Just dropping by to sign your guestbook, here is my stamp:

As you can tell I LOVE honchkrow, anyway sign you later!
Animal Crossing Mad Mohamadito
Sep 22, 07 6:09pm
Hi! Thanks for PMing me! I hadn't had anyone PM me for ages!

Hehe, wanna be Neo-buddies?
I'm the first one to sign your GB!