flame_boi13 Moe Lester
Jan 12, 06 7:09pm
I wonder why the post is -2 Redemption must have deleted it or something.
uncookedgrub Moe Lester
Mar 17, 05 6:15am
moe i found this quite humourous
is this in fact a slack factory??
or wat ??
beavz rule join now
ha ahah ah ah
laughter here
ppl scared here
grinning here
Renegade Moe Lester
Jun 25, 03 5:07pm
Ok, if you're reading this it means you are special enough to have moi sign your guestbook.

Now, if you're not busy, please return the favour and sign mine by clicking on the lovely lady below...

Renegade Moe Lester
Jun 25, 03 5:07pm
Ok, if you're reading this it means you are special enough to have moi sign your guestbook.

Now, if you're not busy, please return the favour and sign mine by clicking on the lovely lady below...

timgta2002 Moe Lester
Jun 25, 03 4:36am
i have seen you before

yes it was in the sex offenders court how was prison?
Kjgmusic Moe Lester
Jan 15, 03 2:41am
Hey moe how come you're a guest...huh did you get in trouble??????????

I need some random characters....(djsawlfjdsfjdskfjdsflsajf) good...
Heros Destiny Moe Lester
Dec 25, 02 9:21am
hiya bro.

here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas back home with the family.

Take Care of them, and yourself

wever111 Moe Lester
Dec 22, 02 11:28am

I'm here to sign your book with a little bit of Christmas Spirit!

Happy Holidays!

Sign Mine!
hidden shadow Moe Lester
Dec 21, 02 11:30am

Just a little something from me to say..
I hope your Holidays are magical and fun!
See you next year..
dj__saturn Moe Lester
Dec 18, 02 5:20am
Hey dude..
I was bored and i remembered i hadnt signed your guestbook with your new profile..
Well man you been doing great, moding everything you can huh?
Well, dude... Keep up the good work and attitude...
Expect to see more of you around Halo... LOL
Its cool you doing a great job...
Just tell me when i can cover you...
yuna Moe Lester
Dec 17, 02 1:33pm
hi i just want to say your doing great and if you need any help just give me a buzz or a pm but until then i need to scream

sorry about that
Darknet Moe Lester
Dec 07, 02 12:33am
I thought I sign your questbook because well your all cool. I see you like Pee-Wee Herman. Hes cool he scared me when I was 6 but now I think hes real funny to bad he was cancelled. Oh well keep it really

shadows power Moe Lester
Nov 25, 02 10:12am
Hey! I am signing because I am bored. Like always.

From a guy called
Heros Destiny Moe Lester
Nov 25, 02 3:48am
what have you done to my buddy Slacker?!

it isn't enough that you've taken control of all his forums, but you went and took the biscuit by stealling all his playboy magazines and his 'electrical pleasure device'. you donkey!

.......ah, who am i kidding. i never liked that guy anyway. his ears were too big
Kuduros Moe Lester
Nov 24, 02 8:47pm
I figured I'd best stop by and adorn MOE LESTER's Guestbook with a signature since he took it upon himself to stain mine without authorisation.

You seem to be doing well as AJ's apprentice, working hard in those forums he used to moderate... well... occupy..

It's good to see these new members doing well. Moderator and you only registered on November 18th. Well done new boy.

- Shane [ Westlife ]
Cerebral Assassin Moe Lester
Nov 24, 02 6:37am
What has this site become, when Pee Wee can become a moderator of three forums 0_o

Everyone take shelter, the MoE lEsTeRs have invaded the planet and are starting to gain power!
HiToKiRi_BoY_BaTo1 Moe Lester
Nov 22, 02 10:23am

I know you alright.

How could I forget that Krusty banner of yours and your Hoes that are Ohh so good!


Mr Matthews Moe Lester
Nov 21, 02 7:53am
Hey Moe...Lester:laugh: I like your new user name....Slacker! Ha! You have been exposed! I have revealed to the public who you are. Hahaha.

Anyway, I never signed your other guestbook but I always thought you were really cool so I am signing your new guestbook.

Anyways, I hope to see ya around.

AJ Moe Lester
Nov 20, 02 7:31pm
Your new avatar rocks! Although its strange accompanied with Moe Lester.

Anyway, good to know you grabbed JBI which I had previously! Told you you'd get it...

C-ya around Dave.
Gary Moe Lester
Nov 20, 02 7:22pm
What ahs the world come to when a moe lester can become a mod:P. Hah only kidding um inventive name there dave. Anyway thanks for signing my guestbook it's been fun chatting to you outside neo and thanks for all the support. Catch you on the flipside homeslice...or something.
KFC_Or_Bust Moe Lester
Nov 20, 02 2:08am
Hey Mr. Moe Lester! Cleverly hidden meaning behind your name foo. Gee, I wonder how someone who's been here only a day could have 3 forums!

See Ya Around,
Nov 20, 02 12:51am
Congratulations on the new you, hope you like your new image! I suppose it's less painfull than a sex change?
Well just thought I'd start to help you fill your guestbook up again.
Take it easy,
Child of a Mountain.
Slacker Moe Lester
Nov 19, 02 7:28am
Wooooo, Lester the Molester, finally decided to get your real name... BWAHAHAHA, I signed it first!!! HAHA! Well, its good that now everyone can see where its at, sucka...