Neohome created on 29/05/2005

    Welcome to my Neohome, my last one was just temporary while I build this one. I spent ages in the help threads for HTTP and browsed other homes to get some tips. I gave up though and decided to use CKY' home. Changed some stuff around and I found that this is the best format. During the day i would be offline building this in Notepad then at night I would come here to test it out and browse the help threads again if something was'nt going to plan. Well finally it's finished and I can show it off in all it's glory. Enjoy.

    Note: This Neohome will be updated atleast once a week, so please return to check updates.
    If you notice any errors or if images don't show up or if you have any suggestions to make this Neohome better then please Pm me.