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I got my new camera and lens a week ago and have since been playing around with all the buttons.. (more fun than reading online tutorials) - I took some flower pics incl. the one you see here:

Unfortunately there weren't many bugs to shoot, no lizards either, but I did find a boring brown grasshopper as my first insect subject:

And plenty of spiders to add to the already long list in my photo thread:

Next season I plan to plant lots of flowers to hopefully attract more of a variety of insects to shoot in Spring, esp. the native blue banded bees which I'm looking forward to testing out the new macro lens on - here's one taken with my old camera:

On the pet front, my puppy Hubert will be 4 months in a week. He's turning into a handsome little man and is loving his trips to the park now that he's had his shots. Here's a recent pic:

The End.

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