i'm MnMgirl! and my B-day is Feb. 10. to learn about video game acronyms, visit my neo home. if i don't have them up, i'll get some pretty soon!


Stuff like:
video games(especially RPG's and racing)
water pokémon
pokémon R/B/Y/G/S/Ru/Sa
hanging out with my friends
going online
anything that has to do with computers
video game acronyms
my GBA
my Gamecube
my NES(still in perfect condition! LOL)
my playstation
my PS2
my games
~and more!~
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Review: Pokémon Sapphire - Great!!

Nov 22, 2003

even thought this game may have improved graphics, better sounds and so on, there are glitches here and there throughout the game-play. i've enjoyed it very, very much. there are records you have to set, contests to win, pokémon to collect, the...

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