Crisis MitchOno
Nov 10, 12 10:39pm
Very quick transaction! Will keep in touch!
SSJ4goku641 MitchOno
Nov 3, 12 10:40pm
Sold him some CW. went easy and smooth great doing buisness!
allenooo MitchOno
Nov 1, 12 7:05pm
I sold some stuff to him, very friendly and trustworthy. Went very well. Thanks~
deepthroat MitchOno
Oct 21, 12 7:19am
Bossing_8314 MitchOno
Oct 20, 12 5:46pm
Very Friendly and patient to me because it was my very first time in buying here at neoseeker. Thank you for the tips and advices. Thank you for making it a wonderful experience in buying. Hoping to do more transaction with you..
Natsu2161 MitchOno
Oct 20, 12 8:02am
Hey thanks for the easy transactions nice to meet you
NautZero MitchOno
Oct 12, 12 1:18pm
I'd sell to this guy anytime.