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Jun 21, 10 4:41am

Sonic Flash and GexTheLizard's Epic Adventures! Part 1

Sonic Flash and I have started living together! Yaaay! We've decided to chronicle our amazing adventures together in this blog. :3 So without further ado... Episode 1!

SF got here on Thursday afternoon. Not too much happened, just unpacking of stuff and cooking of dinners, pretty generic moving in stuffs. Friday we decided to take inventory of what stuff we needed and go to the Mall of America and Ikea to find stuff. We went to a bunch of stores and looked at house stuff and other random stuff. He has decided we need a new couch. More on the Crab Couch later. So we went to the Luv Sac store, which is an awesome store with massive beanbag chairs full of memory foam! They're amazingly comfortable, and fit the 2 of us with a lot of room to spare, so we're keeping it on the list of things we could potentially use as a replacement for the Crab Couch. Also bought the Lack coffee table. That story is odd.

Last time SF was here, we went to Ikea which is a big store full of cheap furniture and home stuff. I did not have a shower curtain, bath mat, forks, or any other things that most normal people consider necessities at the time, so he took me there and we bought house stuff. One of the things I needed was a small end table or two. Ikea, as you may be aware, is a Sweedish store and it has weird names for all of its furniture. They called this particular kind of end table the Lack. The Lack was possibly the cheapest furniture you can possibly imagine, it's about 18" square and it was $8. It just so happened to be the only one that suited our needs, and it was very inexpensive, so we ended up buying 2 of them. They turned out to be surprisingly sturdy and really are quite good for $8 tables. Since then, we have decided that everything cheap in that store is the Lack. For example, there were some light fixtures named god knows what, they are now the Lack lights. We were looking for a decent size coffee table to put our now game systems and some other stuff on, and just needed something cheap to get us by until we can bring his entertainment system. We decided that the table was called the Lack as well. The one we ended up getting is actually an authentic Lack (they apparently make larger Lacks too), but it would be known as that either way.

As for the Crab Couch, it got its name when my dad and I hauled it into my apartment from the apartment building common room one day. It has a free sign on it, and was probably sitting in there for about 2 weeks when my dad saw it when he came to visit one day and said I should grab it. So I did, once it was in my home it became quite apparent that it was not only a filthy couch, but my dad commented that it likely also had crabs living in it. He was most likely correct, and cleaning the couch did not seem to help. Crabs were never actually spotted on the couch, but it was henceforth known as the Crab Couch. SF learned of the Crab Couch's origins whilst sitting on the Crab Couch, and has been nervous about it even being in the apartment ever since. On Saturday, he finally made me drag it out of the apartment and put it back in the common area, after pointing out to me that it's entirely possible that couch has at one point actually housed crabs, of either the parasite or seafood variety. It is now Sunday, the Crab Couch is not in the common room anymore, and has been replaced by an even rattier looking blue couch. I find the removal of the Crab Couch sad and objectionable, if anyone else sympathizes leave a comment. =( It was clearly a good couch or someone else would not have taken it! SF did not make it look very nice in his presentation of the Crab Couch in the common area, but I added a free fork (one that was god knows how old and found inside the couch when we were moving it), and even made a separate trip out to the common room to place the fork inside the couch. If they would take that couch in, surely they would be happy to find a free fork. If we had a video camera, we would have dumped the Crab Couch out the window of my apartment. What other chance will someone ever get to throw a couch out the window, anyway?

Friday was indeed epic in and of itself, trapsing through the jungle that is the Mall of America in search of shorts for SF and a replacement for the poor Crab Couch. We got the Lack CT (our code name for the table) and set gaming stuff up, and it was another hot day so we didn't really go outside and do much. Canadians do not do well in heat apparently, and nor do lizards.

Saturday we went to a graduation party for my cousin and SF met the rest of my family briefly. We attempted to go to the zoo but couldn't find a parking spot to save our lives. So we went home to watch stuff instead, and went out to play frizbee in the park for a little while. It is interesting to play frizbee with someone with no depth perception at all (I don't), and by the end of it SF somehow managed to keep accidentally getting little scratches on his wrists from the frizbee. That emo kid.

Saturday we also rearranged some furniture and he made me get rid of the Crab Couch (see above) and we discovered a dead flattened mouse underneath the futon I lay out to sit/lay around on in the living room. Ewww. I made him put on a pair of gloves and dispose of the container he picked it up in, and sanitized the area with the nearest stuff I could find, which also happened to be one of the only cleaning agents I have in the house - toilet bowl cleaner (I'm very allergic to most soaps and detergents, and hypoallergenics are expensive). SF also discovered on Saturday when I was doing our laundry that I apparently do not know what laundry detergent is. As it turns out, I had accidentally bought a bottle of fabric softner instead of laundry detergent, and have been using that for about the past year or so as detergent instead of real laundry detergent. Oops. I don't see what's so wrong with it - my clothes don't smell funky and they all seem clean but he's been teasing me for not cleaning anything with any soaps except for toilet bowl cleaner. But he then made me go and buy for reals laundry detergent. Our clothes will not only be very softened, but will also be quite clean now too. I still say they were perfectly clean before, but he insists that they were only wet and then dried, and that it was comparable to getting rained on instead of showering.

Sunday I talked him into waking up a bit early (9am, which is very early considering we usually go to bed around 2-4am at the earliest) to go strawberry picking! I promised him a strawberry shortcake if he came with me, so he came and we picked a couple of boxes full, more than enough to make some strawberry jam and cake and have an entire box plus a freezer bag left over. We went up to see my dad as well and took him out to lunch for father's day. I almost ran us out of gas on the way home because I wanted to find the cheapest gas possible. I have now gotten the nickname 'Nosepass' for being a Jew. :3 So we got home and I made the strawberry jam and cake and everything turned out very nommy.

It has been quite rosy so far, we're sitting around now playing Metroid and munching on shortcake. Many objects have been run into and items dropped and lots of snuggles have been involved. Seems like a good time to me.


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Chad Jun 22, 10
Crab Couch? Lack furniture? Fun times, haha. ;D

Glad you two are enjoying yourselves though. If you need a third, let me know.
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Q22 Jun 24, 10
So the free fork you threw in was actually the fork you got with the sofa? Gross !
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Tf916 Jun 24, 10
Sounds like it was a good weekend, i want some Strawberry Shortcake..