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Jul 11, 10 4:23am

SFAGTLsEA = Sonic Flash and GexTheLizard's epic adventures, FYI

First of all, apparently my quote "I wish I was an octopus" is going on my tombstone.

The new apartment has arrived! Yaaaay! =D It's quite large, and it has for-reals walls and a for-reals living room! We spent a good week sitting on the floor. It was far too Japanese for our liking, so we bought a for-reals dinig room table and a for-reals giant beanbag chair. The beanbag chair is amazing, it's full of memory foam bits and it's 6' in diameter. As much as I dearly miss the crab couch, the sack is even better. The old stained and dysfunctional futon is also gone. It was a truly epic battle, me and my old furniture vs the Sonic Flash. The victor soon became apparent. There were many fatalities in addition to the crab couch and futon, including an old dysnfunctional DDR pad I had intended to turn into a homemade PS2 controller, an old milk jug that I apparently forgot to rinse out and the old milk seemed to have become old cheese (and smelled it), and the crushed dead mouse. The crushed dead mouse seemed to have had the futon (which it was found underneath) dropped on it somehow, and I'm not sure how it went unnoticed. But much old junk is gone, and has been replaced with new junk. The apartment is actually nice now, and I am being trained in hopes it will stay that way.

Our new baby hedgehog also arrived. Mr Darcy, we had to drive about an hour to pick him up (each way) and ask a bunch of rednecks on a porch likely wielding shotguns how to get to the right street. There were 3 at the breeder's house to choose from, the one we originally wanted was quite unfriendly. He rolled into a ball and hissed, as all hedgies do when they encounter a new smell, but unlike the other 2 hedgies he would not unroll or stop hissing, even when we put him back down into the cage. In the half hour we were at the breeder's, we didn't see him unroll or stop hissing at all, and he stayed that way until after we left. We picked a much friendlier one that seemed to enjoy crawling all over us and sniffing and playing. He's been very nice so far, he loves his running wheel and he's learned to run around in his hedgehog ball on the floor of the apartment (it took him a couple of tries to figure it out). He eats some of the same treats grandpa Gex does which is just nice, really. Mr Darcy also seems to think that I am eatible. He thinks incorrectly. So far he has nibbled on my hand, necklace, hair, and clothes, and has been unsuccessful with all. Our theory is that he just thinks I smell nice. I like this theory.

We've had several incidents with the apartment maintenance guy since moving. The first was on moving day, when we found him throwing the furniture in the common room out the window. SF was very disappointed that I wouldn't let him throw our couch out the window, we truly missed out on a golden opportunity. We've had several odd problems with the apartment since, including leaky stuff and doors that won't shut. It's been interesting so far. We're mostly just sad that we couldn't pitch some furniture out a 2nd story window at this point though. Also while moving our mattress I somehow managed to drop the mattress while he was still hanging on to it, which struck him in the face and left a small mattress burn on his face. Poor poor SF.

SF is also apparently the bane of my car. I've never had any mechanical problems with my car at all until he came, and they've all occurred while he is riding in the car with me. About a week ago we had problems where the car overheated because a radiator hose popped off, and just the other day we had a tire randomly go flat in the middle of Murderapolis. Both times we've gotten extraordinarily lucky - when it overheated I had noticed something was up and pulled off the freeway. The overpass was at the top of a hill, there was an auto shop at the bottom of the hill, and the car died right at the top of the pass. We just coasted down the hill into the body shop, they fixed it within about half an hour, and all was well again with no major damage to the car. The tire also happened very near an auto body shop, and someone was nice enough to come out and help us replace it because neither of us had a flying clue how to do it. He had to use the "good stuff" to fix it. The good stuff is a large hammer and a can of WD-40, apparently. Either way it worked, and we're still very very lucky that my car is good enough to break down at the most opportune moments possible.

We went to a large 4th of July party at my dad's house, who owns a lake home. SF, being a Canadian, has not been exposed effectively enough to explosives and how much fun they can be. He is starting to learn. There were a few people seeing just how much water dynamite it takes to blow up a Mountain Dew bottle. Where it only took a Budweiser can 1 piece of dynamite to blow up, the Mountain Dew bottle stood up to about an entire box of dynamite (50 pieces) before finally fissuring. It flew in the air over 5 times from the blast, and we decided that we're making a new Mountain Dew commercial involving it being blasted into the air, then having some guy catch it and say something about how hardcore Dew is (the bottle legitimately is hardcore at least) and then taking a swig of the bottle. It is notable that after a piece of water dynamite goes off, as with most fireworks, it gives off a sulfur gas which is somewhat toxic to humans in a large enough dose. It also smells and most likely tastes pretty awful. We will figure this out during the production of our video.

Additionally at the grocery store we saw a very large individual riding on one of those grocery store scooters dressed in full clown attire. We have yet to make sense of this phenomena.

That's a rather paraphrased version of our adventures, every day has been a crazy adventure in and of itself. Next time - our trip to the amusement park!

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Jun 21, 10 4:41am

Sonic Flash and I have started living together! Yaaay! We've decided to chronicle our amazing adventures together in this blog. :3 So without further ado... Episode 1!

SF got here on Thursday afternoon. Not too much happened, just unpacking of stuff and cooking of dinners, pretty generic moving in stuffs. Friday we decided to take inventory of what stuff we needed and go to the Mall of America and Ikea to find stuff. We went to a bunch of stores and looked at house stuff and other random stuff. He has decided we need a new couch. More on the Crab Couch later. So we went to the Luv Sac store, which is an awesome store with massive beanbag chairs full of memory foam! They're amazingly comfortable, and fit the 2 of us with a lot of room to spare, so we're keeping it on the list of things we could potentially use as a replacement for the Crab Couch. Also bought the Lack coffee table. That story is odd.

Last time SF was here, we went to Ikea which is a big store full of cheap furniture and home stuff. I did not have a shower curtain, bath mat, forks, or any other things that most normal people consider necessities at the time, so he took me there and we bought house stuff. One of the things I needed was a small end table or two. Ikea, as you may be aware, is a Sweedish store and it has weird names for all of its furniture. They called this particular kind of end table the Lack. The Lack was possibly the cheapest furniture you can possibly imagine, it's about 18" square and it was $8. It just so happened to be the only one that suited our needs, and it was very inexpensive, so we ended up buying 2 of them. They turned out to be surprisingly sturdy and really are quite good for $8 tables. Since then, we have decided that everything cheap in that store is the Lack. For example, there were some light fixtures named god knows what, they are now the Lack lights. We were looking for a decent size coffee table to put our now game systems and some other stuff on, and just needed something cheap to get us by until we can bring his entertainment system. We decided that the table was called the Lack as well. The one we ended up getting is actually an authentic Lack (they apparently make larger Lacks too), but it would be known as that either way.

As for the Crab Couch, it got its name when my dad and I hauled it into my apartment from the apartment building common room one day. It has a free sign on it, and was probably sitting in there for about 2 weeks when my dad saw it when he came to visit one day and said I should grab it. So I did, once it was in my home it became quite apparent that it was not only a filthy couch, but my dad commented that it likely also had crabs living in it. He was most likely correct, and cleaning the couch did not seem to help. Crabs were never actually spotted on the couch, but it was henceforth known as the Crab Couch. SF learned of the Crab Couch's origins whilst sitting on the Crab Couch, and has been nervous about it even being in the apartment ever since. On Saturday, he finally made me drag it out of the apartment and put it back in the common area, after pointing out to me that it's entirely possible that couch has at one point actually housed crabs, of either the parasite or seafood variety. It is now Sunday, the Crab Couch is not in the common room anymore, and has been replaced by an even rattier looking blue couch. I find the removal of the Crab Couch sad and objectionable, if anyone else sympathizes leave a comment. =( It was clearly a good couch or someone else would not have taken it! SF did not make it look very nice in his presentation of the Crab Couch in the common area, but I added a free fork (one that was god knows how old and found inside the couch when we were moving it), and even made a separate trip out to the common room to place the fork inside the couch. If they would take that couch in, surely they would be happy to find a free fork. If we had a video camera, we would have dumped the Crab Couch out the window of my apartment. What other chance will someone ever get to throw a couch out the window, anyway?

Friday was indeed epic in and of itself, trapsing through the jungle that is the Mall of America in search of shorts for SF and a replacement for the poor Crab Couch. We got the Lack CT (our code name for the table) and set gaming stuff up, and it was another hot day so we didn't really go outside and do much. Canadians do not do well in heat apparently, and nor do lizards.

Saturday we went to a graduation party for my cousin and SF met the rest of my family briefly. We attempted to go to the zoo but couldn't find a parking spot to save our lives. So we went home to watch stuff instead, and went out to play frizbee in the park for a little while. It is interesting to play frizbee with someone with no depth perception at all (I don't), and by the end of it SF somehow managed to keep accidentally getting little scratches on his wrists from the frizbee. That emo kid.

Saturday we also rearranged some furniture and he made me get rid of the Crab Couch (see above) and we discovered a dead flattened mouse underneath the futon I lay out to sit/lay around on in the living room. Ewww. I made him put on a pair of gloves and dispose of the container he picked it up in, and sanitized the area with the nearest stuff I could find, which also happened to be one of the only cleaning agents I have in the house - toilet bowl cleaner (I'm very allergic to most soaps and detergents, and hypoallergenics are expensive). SF also discovered on Saturday when I was doing our laundry that I apparently do not know what laundry detergent is. As it turns out, I had accidentally bought a bottle of fabric softner instead of laundry detergent, and have been using that for about the past year or so as detergent instead of real laundry detergent. Oops. I don't see what's so wrong with it - my clothes don't smell funky and they all seem clean but he's been teasing me for not cleaning anything with any soaps except for toilet bowl cleaner. But he then made me go and buy for reals laundry detergent. Our clothes will not only be very softened, but will also be quite clean now too. I still say they were perfectly clean before, but he insists that they were only wet and then dried, and that it was comparable to getting rained on instead of showering.

Sunday I talked him into waking up a bit early (9am, which is very early considering we usually go to bed around 2-4am at the earliest) to go strawberry picking! I promised him a strawberry shortcake if he came with me, so he came and we picked a couple of boxes full, more than enough to make some strawberry jam and cake and have an entire box plus a freezer bag left over. We went up to see my dad as well and took him out to lunch for father's day. I almost ran us out of gas on the way home because I wanted to find the cheapest gas possible. I have now gotten the nickname 'Nosepass' for being a Jew. :3 So we got home and I made the strawberry jam and cake and everything turned out very nommy.

It has been quite rosy so far, we're sitting around now playing Metroid and munching on shortcake. Many objects have been run into and items dropped and lots of snuggles have been involved. Seems like a good time to me.

Oct 29, 09 9:19pm
can't wait until New Year's :o
Oct 17, 09 1:44am
wants a rideable battle dinosaur!
Oct 3, 09 7:00am
can has DDR again =3
Misty blogged
Sep 26, 09 8:05am

Ok, so 2 of my good friends are about to get married tomorrow. Avoiding the whole "they're too young" etc argument, I'd normally be happy for them for being happy together and all that jazz, but I feel just awful for the poor guy instead. I don't think he knows what he's gotten himself into.

If anyone's ever seen the show Bridezillas that's probably something to the effect of what's happened with this girl (I've never seen said show so I can only assume), but she pretty much went from being a fairly nice, friendly person to a crazy jealous bitch faster than she could get her ring sized. I find it absolutely insane that the guy's actually stuck it out for the year or so that they've been engaged - were I him I'd have been out of there ASAP, and really have to wonder if it's just stress that got to the chick (doubt it) or if now that she's got the rock she's just showing her true colors. Worst part is, she's changed toward everyone, not just him, and everyone's been warning the poor sucker that it's a bad idea.

Some people I just don't understand. I hope he gets enough lap dances at his bachelor party in his last day of freedom to make up for all the shit he's put up with thus far (and likely will in year(s) to come). Here's to your last day of freedom, Danny. I hope things get better damn fast.

Sep 24, 09 9:50am
is <3
Aug 24, 09 10:26am
has 2 more days of work until days off!
Misty blogged
Aug 21, 09 9:39am

There's little I dislike more than being bored at work. I don't see why anyone envies the fact that I have down time at work and am therefore able to go on Neoseeker at 3am, play solitaire, etc. It's boring, I like it when it's busy especially if it's an acute patient like we has a few days ago that I'm busy with.

Anywho it's a slowish night tonight, and in lieu of better things to do I'm posting here. I managed to get into a car accident the other day and my car's now out of commission, which gave me the motivation to get my bike fixed so I have at least some kind of transportation. I did so, and it cost me about $100 but it's well worth it to have transportation that's faster (and in my area, safer) than walking, and is reliable. Still don't have an estimate on how much the car's gonna cost me, but the radiator, core support, and hood all need replacing. Quite a number on my car considering the accident was only at 15 mph. That's what I get for not paying attention. I might be able to get their insurance to cover it though, given that the driver had no driver's license. That'd be nice but I don't have my hopes up.

In other news.... ah hell, I don't have any other news. My other news is work, sleep, work, work, visit people, go online, work, go grocery shopping, and... well, work. I have the next 6 days straight on, followed by 5 days straight off. I *was* going to take a visit down to North Carolina on my days off to check out Greensboro and see if the place is worth moving to for a job in EMS but can't due to my car situation/cost of fixing it. Another time, perhaps.

However, if I'm able to get an EMT job opening that's just opened up through the company I already work for, I will definitely not be moving anywhere. I have a killer resume so I'm hoping that I have a chance at least at an interview :) Wish me luck!

Otherwise I've been on a neat freak streak the last few days. The apartment's actually mostly clean now, but I still need to unpack some things and find places for a few things.

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Aug 12, 09 11:01am

Ahhh it's 4:30 in the morning. Glorious time of day, 4am. There's so little to do some nights, some nights I'm very very busy right now. Today, obviously, I happen to not be so busy, mostly because I had tonight off. So today's blog post is the top 10 things to do in the wee hours of the morning:

#10 - Go for a Run
This is generally a bad idea. Going for a run, or going to the park, at 2 in the morning, is just asking to get *bleep*, shanked, etc. Very shitty idea, unless you like high crackwhores chasing after you yelling "where's my money, bitch?" You don't even have to try to barter any kind of service for them to behave in such a way. In the Soviet Hood, whores crack you! But then again, maybe running isn't a bad idea. Keeps you in practice if you ever need to. Not that crackwhores can run very fast.

#9 - Clean your Car
Again, another shitty idea for the late night. For very similar reasons to why #10 was a bad idea, just this time they can try to steal your car as well as you're likely to have your keys. Do not attempt without a knife and a can of pepper spray. And a flashlight.

#8 - Post on Neoseeker
Not the most entertaining thing to do at 3am, since no one's online at 3am except Brits (and who cares about Brits, really?). It's significantly safer than trying to go for a run or clean your car though, and it's a good way to kill time until hours arrive that the above are safer. No mace required.

#7 - Draw
Self-explanatory. I can't say I'm very good at drawing, so this isn't high on my list. It's safe, it's something to do, expression of creativity, yadda yadda... next.

#6 - Take a Nice, Long Bath
Definitely one of the better things to do when you're bored in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, this isn't something that can be done while working, but it's lovely when you're home alone on a Tuesday night and it's hot as hell outside. Just lay back and relax in a nice cool bath, wash all the sticky sweat off, get the grease out of your hair, and you just feel nice afterward. If it's dry out have lotion at the ready. And there's nothing nicer than sitting with a bath robe on with a fan blowing on you to dry off after a cool bath.

#5 - Talk to Other Night Owls on MSN, Text Message, or on the Phone
This can either be really entertaining or really boring depending on who you're talking to. Lots of fun people on at 1am, not so many fun people on at 5am when they need to "sleep" because they've got "school" in the morning. Pssh, sleep is for the weak, I always say. Still an entertaining way to keep yourself busy though.

#4 - Figure Out What to do Tomorrow
This is one of those things I try to do, but always fail miserably at. I know exactly what needs to be done, but by the time I wake up, it's sometimes too late to actually do said things that needed to be done. Like get an oil change for my car. I've been putting that off for about a month now just because I sleep during regular business hours. Same with getting the belts on my car replaced, my bike fixed, etc. There are some advantages to holding normal hours I suppose.

#3 - Work on Rebuilding Your Lego City
Possibly the best way to spend time ever. I have literally an entire city of Legos that need to be rebuilt, and it's super time consuming because the pile of Legos is so big that I can't find the pieces I need when I need them. As a result, I've got about 4 half-finished pieces and got stuck trying to find the right parts. It'll come together eventually. Probably by the time I need to move again and take it all apart again.

#2 - Make a Cup of Tea and Read
Another lovely way to spend time. I'm presently working on Empire by Orson Scott Card, which is a great book and an even better author for anyone who's interested. Tea is lovely as well, especially white tea. White tea is balls. Orange spice is great as well, as is green if you add a little lemon flavor (or lemon juice), spearmint, lemon mint, etc. Great way to spend time at 3am.

#1 - Go Grocery Shopping
Possibly my favorite thing to do in the middle of the night. Not only is no one around at 2 in the morning so I don't have to fight crowds or lines at all, but all the food's being restocked so I can get fresher produce sometimes. Also all of the employees are either blazed or think I'm high, which is amusing in and of itself. Especially if I'm buying something weird, like I was today. I got weird looks for buying sprouts, swiss cheese, a Powerbar, and tortillas. They probably thought I was going to make a Powerbar fajita or something. Grocery shopping at 2am is the best thing ever.

That's my top 10 things to do when there's nothing else to do in the middle of the night. Other notable contestants included taking out the trash, cleaning the house, washing dishes, and sleeping. Have a good night guys :)

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Misty blogged
Aug 7, 09 1:43am

Well, I got to go to the (regular) psych unit the other night at work. That was... interesting, to say the least. First of all, everything is locked on that unit. Everything. There are literally 6 sets of doors that are locked from both directions between the patient beds and the actual exit. Since it was my first time there and I obviously don't normally work there, I didn't have a badge to let me into the units. I followed a couple of people who did, and actually ended up getting trapped between two of the doors in a small hallway with no way of getting out until I just pounded on the door for a while and someone let me in. Later on, I found out that I was supposed to stop by the front desk next to the elevators and get a badge and set of keys. D'oh.

Also, the behavioral unit is very very nice. Except it has no TV, no pens, no pencils, no computers available to the patients (there are a few behind the desk, which is also behind a locked door and a high counter), all the beds are bolted to the floor, nothing hanging from the ceiling... Yeah there's pretty much nothing. Rounds are done roughly every half hour on night shift, which is much more frequent than every 2 hours (every hour during day hours). The patients aren't even allowed to have the bathroom door unlocked if they need to go due to suicide/drowning risk (someone has to accompany them at all times into the bathroom). I understand exactly why it is but holy shit. I was on a 1:1 so the lack of TV or a computer really sucked, especially since I didn't think to bring a book as I didn't know I'd be floating, since the guy slept most of the night. There is nothing more boring than watching someone sleep, except maybe watching water evaporate.

The guy did wake up after a while and, well, he was completely off his rocker. He thought he was an astronaut, that we weren't on earth, the doctor was trying to infect everyone with AIDS, that he could play Yahtzee in 0 gravity with the side rail of his bed, etc. Guess that's why he's in the psych unit? He mostly just talked nonsense that clearly made every bit of sense to him but not to anyone else, a lot of references to getting AIDS (which was implied wasn't a bad thing o_O) and the launch sequence and "back on Earth they call it _____". He was an interesting character, really made me wonder about what's actually going wrong with his brain chemistry in terms of neurology. He decided he needed to take a shower randomly when I had to take him to the bathroom, so he stepped in, in his clothes and everything, and before I could stop him turned the shower on and rinsed his AIDS off, apparently. That was interesting, I had no idea how to turn the shower off though so I ended up getting one of the other aides to come in and help me with him. He was.... sort of easily redirected after that, if you said the right things to him about the launch sequence or his grandmother's last wishes, and stayed in bed the rest of the night. I just want to know how someone's mind can go so horribly, horribly wrong. Talk about hallucinations.

Otherwise it's been quiet at work. Monday was the night from hell, I got punched in the head a couple of times by a psych that needed a hip replacement on orthopedics and was running around all night long. It's been quiet since though, so no complaints there. Nights from hell just make up for the quiet ones. It's good to have a night off.

Aug 5, 09 11:44pm
is antsy today.
Misty blogged
Aug 1, 09 7:52am

Well, learn something new every day I suppose.

I'm Gex, 18 y/o F, presently working in a hospital on nursing staff though I'm trained as an EMT, a bit over half done with paramedic, and want to get back on the ambulance pretty much as soon as I get a chance. Love my job either way though, and my jobs are pretty much my life. More on my other jobs later. I've lived in Minnesota most of my life, though I was living in New Hampshire for a few months at the beginning of this year until the very end of March. Long story there. Another time. I'm planning on moving back out of state in another year or so mostly to pursue my career as an EMT/eventually paramedic, and will probably be moving to either Texas, North Carolina, or back to New Hampshire. Preferably one of the former two.

Anywho, presently I'm working on a few projects and have had a rather extended break from 2 of them. Normally I teach CPR and help out with the classes at school, but over the summer that slows down quite a bit so I end up doing significantly less work then, in addition to subcontracting with web work for my dad (mostly SEO and graphics work), and in addition to subcontracting for another company doing graphic design for them. I've been rather bored recently, since the only work I'm doing immediately is at the hospital, and I've been picking up as many hours as I possibly can there. Yeah, I know, workaholic right?

So in short I've been filling most of my time with Neo in the last month or so, and have met a number of interesting characters here. It's pretty sad that my only real social life at present is Neoseeker, since most of my friends are too busy preparing to finish school next year, but that's kind of how it goes right now. I've met a lot of people on Neo in the past month or so, and am really enjoying talking to most of them. It's kind of funny how that kind of thing works out, I'm actually planning on meeting someone from Neo in about another month or so. Pretty nervous about that, since I've never met someone off the internet before. It'll be fun though, I'm sure.

Otherwise I went to the county fair today, that was a lot of fun but I had forgotten how terrifying rides can be. Holy shit, especially when you're on a ride with someone who's sitting there rocking it and pointing out all the rust and stuff on the rides... Eep! We got to see the demolition derby tonight from the ferris wheel though, and that looked pretty fun. I want to do a demolition derby sometime, it's be even better than bumper cars.

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