I Love Snakes!!!!!!!!
They are my true passion,everything about them!
I have my own corn snake Oscar. Check my neo home for a vid of him eating!!!!
We also have other animals including, Giant African Land snails, Horses, dogs, cats,ferrets,rabbits! So its quite a zoo!!!
In music I like practicly all genres, I LOVE the band gorillaz.
In TV i like Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, and Simpsons!


To my friends!!!
With friends on noe coming and going, i dont want to miss anyone out by having a list, but you know if your my friend!!!

My Neo-Family

Neo EX -NightmareSpawn (NightmareDs)
Neo Daughter - Ziggy Bird(Zimi Spawn)
Neo Son - Naruto Boy( NightMare Naruto)
Neo Sister & Aunt - Nightmare Devil(Devil DS)
Neo Sister - Dandy01
Neo Brother - Dark Arcanine
Neo Brother In Law - Crystal Creation
Neo Brother - Dark Arcanine
Neo Brother - Swampert X
Neo Sister - SnoopyMaster

My Best Neo-friends.

If you are here you are no ordinary person! You happen to be the greatest people they are! Being on this list means i really value you as a best friend!

Nightmarespawn -
We originally started talking through an insult ,but now i really value you and i lvoe talking to you. When i log on and your online i feel happy because i know i have a friend to talk and laugh with!

Ziggy Bird / Celipink -
A great girl! I love talking to you you are so kind and someone i can trust and tlak to about things i wouldnt normaly talk with other people about you are great zig!

Crystalcreation -
I only started talking to you becasue i thought i should pm all my family. But now I pm you because your my friend you are very helpful with Final fantasy X, and always willing to help me out! Your great to talk laugh and chat with!

Best Neo Friend Award:
If you win this then you will get a custom made, by me stamp for being the most awesome friend that season!!! Crystal Creation won the summer, but who will win Fall?
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