Crystal Creation Mistress Venom
Oct 14, 07 4:06am
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
Amoena Mistress Venom
Sep 5, 07 1:15am
this is my stamp for you. it's brand new.

made by crystal creation

Sign back please!
dandy01 Mistress Venom
Aug 18, 07 12:33am

Everything should be explained on the stamp. ^^ Thanks.
InnerDemon Mistress Venom
Aug 12, 07 7:28pm
here is a stamp for you to go PWN them noobs with

now go PWN the noobs and if you dont feel like PWNing you can eat this egg
dandy01 Mistress Venom
Aug 11, 07 12:40am
Made myself a new stamp - need to test-drive it. .__.

Crystal Creation Mistress Venom
Aug 4, 07 1:51am
Hi Miranda!
Well, you've been like, a Super Special Awesome Friend! Infact, the Best!
I therefore dedicate this Stamp to you, and you only:

Unless someone tries to steal it, of course! but then, they'd be lame!
See you around Miranda, and I hope to talk to you some more!
It's been great fun getting to know you!

Jenubis Mistress Venom
Aug 3, 07 2:58am
No prob. Have fun,you'll get better I'm sure of it.

strawberry rose Mistress Venom
Aug 3, 07 2:52am
its new a the breaky brines come and have some.i garentee a gypey tummy for weeks.

Tom Mistress Venom
Aug 2, 07 10:19pm
Hey there thanks for signing my guestbook. Enjoy the stamp... Oh shit it has my old username. =[

Emoliciousnot Mistress Venom
Aug 2, 07 9:54pm

Hi! i'm just signing back. I like the new name it sounds kinda eerie. Snakes are pretty cool
Arcanium Mistress Venom
Aug 2, 07 9:22pm
The name popped into my head when I was playing with my guitar . Any way hope you enjoy your new name.

Love the name! Enjoy your new account! Take care friend....
mimi ds Mistress Venom
Aug 2, 07 7:49pm
Well I will anyway cos i love this stamp, and now i cant use it any more....
dandy01 Mistress Venom
Aug 2, 07 7:21pm

Wonderful name change, mimi ds sounded.... anyway, I'm thinking of making a new stamp, so I may just have to stamp you twice.