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Dec 7, 11 9:12am

First thing i would like to see is a graphics card that rivals some of the cards available for PC, I hear that Directx11 will be standard for PS3, but by the time the consoles hit the shelves it will be dated.

Sony and Microsoft really need to come through with there hardware, PC builds are getting easier and cheaper- For a brand new build with a sandy bridge Intel7 can run you around 900-1000, yes at first glance that may be expensive but your paying for the convenience of being able to keep up with technology and not relying developers to use the system to its full potential

Big examples of that are Duke Nukem: That was a disappointing pile of garbage

PS3 Needs, and from what has been milling around the rumor mill, was motion support. I think that technology is going to be standard.

Its a dream but i know we'll never be able to tweak performance.

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Jul 11, 11 9:12am
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