I am actually going to get to work on this.

Here is something, I am a procrastinator.
UHHHHHH......There is not much to say.


Mr. X - Profile

My screen name is Mr. X, if you did not already know my old name was Shadow_One. I changed my name due to the lack of originality. Now the name Mr. X has originality and taste. That name is also appealing to me because of the mystique and the mysteriousness to it. It will probably not to most people but it does to me in a sensible fashion.

I have many interests, I really can't show you all of them but I can show you some of them. Note: The reason is that I can't write you all of them is not because they are bad or inappropriate, but due to the reason that I have to many interests...

I like to PM my NeoFriends.
My NeoFriends so far are:

*50 Cent Fan
*Angel Blade27
*Black Sage
*crash freak
*The Arabian princess
*The Little Dubster
(Alphabetical Order)

If you would like to be one of my NeoFriends that would be really great but you will need to PM me, and try to act like a great friend.

*Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs
*Blink 182
*Good Charlotte
*Good Charlotte - The Young and the Hopless
*Led Zeppelin - House of the Holy
*Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
*Linkin Park - Meteora
*Linkin Park - Reanimation

*Bruce Almighty
*Chronicles of Riddick
*Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within
*In a New York Minute
*Mean Girls
*Napoleon Dynamite
*Tomb Raider 1&2

Games (Ownership)
Final Fantasy
*Final Fantasy Origins - PS1
*Fianl Fantasy Chronicles - PS1
*Final Fantasy 7 - PS1
*Final Fantasy 8 - PS1
*Final Fantasy Tactics - PS1
*Final Fantasy X - PS2
I plan on getting all of the Final Fantasy games. If you would like to help that would be really great.

Other Forum Sites

Underground - I moderate the General Final Fantasy.

Rap Genisis

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Review: Napoleon Dynamite - Good or the Bad - Napoleon Dynamite

Sep 6, 2004

This movie was excellent, almost in every way. This movie involved some not so famous actors and some already famous actors. The setting take place in Idaho, and the country gives it a bit of the small life view. This movie was made by Jared Hess,...

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