Mister MacPhisto
2 days ago
Today started off as an INXS and Lou Reed morning.
Mister MacPhisto
Aug 31, 16 6:53pm
Time and again people complain how I handle stuff but don't step up so I don't have to.
Mister MacPhisto shared a forum thread
Aug 31, 16 9:35am


Something I'd referenced a bit in the Kaepernick thread regardless which way you feel there was celebrities and effective

Mister MacPhisto
Jul 8, 16 8:48pm
Check out Movies/Films as Iscariot, DragonMaster Dyne, Storm, and Jabba Overkill run a great forum!
Mister MacPhisto
May 5, 16 9:03pm
It's rough losing a mentor. You end up wondering if you learned what you should have. Then wondering if you follow that example.
Mister MacPhisto
Apr 22, 16 9:40am
Picked up three other forums over the course of the past couple years, had a couple great comods and since handed off to some good folks
Mister MacPhisto
Mar 26, 16 11:40am
Dawn of Justice either raises the bar on the MCU or makes the MCU not matter.
Mister MacPhisto
Mar 5, 16 5:10pm
Avalith needs more coffee wenches. Heed the call if you are totally shameless.
Mister MacPhisto
Feb 22, 16 12:45am
35 song set. All 20 from The River plus 15 more.
Mister MacPhisto
Feb 21, 16 7:13pm
In line to get into the arena to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in concert
Mister MacPhisto
Feb 6, 16 8:59am
Well they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night now they blew up his house too down on the boardwalk they're gettin ready for a fight
Mister MacPhisto shared a forum thread
Feb 6, 16 12:34am
Earth, Wind, and Fire baby!


http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/06/arts/music/maurice-white-a-voyager-who-traveled-countless-musical-paths.html?_r=0 --Quot

Mister MacPhisto
Jan 13, 16 9:10pm
So Gotenks, Lorx, VeGiTAX2, and Mac have a crazy idea.... Avalith as a supermod.
Mister MacPhisto
Jan 12, 16 6:35pm
Listening to David Bowie's new album.
Chromatus Mister MacPhisto
Jan 6, 16 10:42am
Congrats on becoming Super again!
Vast Mister MacPhisto
Jan 6, 16 9:22am
Super again? Congrats! :D
Mister MacPhisto
Jan 6, 16 8:48am
Back in black with VeGiTAX2 !
Mister MacPhisto
Jul 30, 15 2:28pm
started a discussion titled "Film Contest Round 1 - Gladiator vs V For Vendetta" in Movies/Films
Mister MacPhisto
Jul 30, 15 1:58pm
started a discussion titled "Film Contest Round 1 - Tombstone vs Batman Begins" in Movies/Films
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